10 years into its lifecycle, it seems that Sony will cease development and manufacturing of their PS3 consoles. This is according to a Facebook update posted by New Zealand retailer Mighty Ape Games. They stated that Sony had confirmed that the PS3 has been discontinued in New Zealand, and that they would no longer be receiving any consoles.


The Facebook post has since been removed, but PlayStation New Zealand has issued a statement regarding the update. It seems that Sony will no longer ship PS3s in New Zealand in both retail and online stores.  They have said that the stock that is in store will still remain for sale until it has been depleted.

SCENZ will not be shipping anymore PlayStation 3 consoles to its retailers however the platform is still available in retail outlets throughout NZ and being supported with peripherals, great new releases and back catalogue software.

I would not be surprised if Sony decides to cut production of the PS3, it has been 10 years. With the PS4 such a success, I see no reason why users would want to still purchase a PlayStation 3. Is this just the first of the countries to stop shipping? How long till the PS3 is nothing but a memory? We will find out soon.