It is the last weekend in October, and we all know what that means. It is time to play the scariest games we own and “almost” die of a heart attack. In sticking with the Halloween theme we take a look at some horror games that we think have been the scariest of them all. Here are some great horror games that you should spend the weekend playing.

Until Dawn – PS4


Until Dawn takes survival horror to a whole new level by making you responsible for the actions you take in the game. You take the role of a bunch of teenagers who have revisited the mountain resorts where, just a year ago, they lost two of their closest friends t0 some freak accident.

They now have to try and survive Until Dawn and avoid certain death by the hands of a psycho killer who has made it his goal to kill you and your friends before sunrise.

Until Dawn mixes cheap scares, and intense quick-time events into a Hollywood styled plot that will leave you in cold sweats.

Slender: The Arrival – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U

After the huge success of the super-intense, Slender, Slender: The Arrival promises to take everything that made you cry for you mommy, and make it scarier. The game is in theory a remake of the classic hit, but with new elements and scares. There is actually and entire chapter in the game that has been remade after the complete classic title.

Alien: Isolation – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

What do you get when you take an abandoned space station, add in psycho AI robots, an alien hybrid, and lots of vent to sit and hide away in? A perfect horror game that is what.

Alien Isolation is the horror game of 2015, and although it went under the radar, you can pick it up fairly cheap now across the release platforms. All you are armed with is a motion tracker, a few bullets that are useless against the alien foe, and your nerves – good luck.

Outlast – PS4, Xbox One, PC

There was something extremely freaky about Outlast when I played it last year. Its intense chases combined with its terrifying characters, and its dark setting, made for one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. Set in an Asylum, you have decided, like any other bad idea, to go and investigate the reports of violent killings in the massive hospital. When you arrive you realise that there is so much more to this story than you think.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – PC

The concept of Five Night’s at Freddy’s might sound a bit farfetched, but once you have played it, it will make you rethink your decisions. You are a security guard at a local pizzeria, Freddy’s. You job is to sit in your office and make sure everything stays calm and collective. The only problem is, the mechanics mascots that all the kids love, come to life and slowly try and make their way into your office, to well, eat your soul. You now need to survive 6 nights of hell as you try and stop these “cute” blood sucking animals from getting to you.