The 24the James Bond movie, Spectre is nearly upon us, so we thought we’d share Citipost Mail‘s series of post cards and stamps imagining a world where these characters actually wrote to each other.


Casino Royale

James Bond writes to Q from his hotel room enquiring about where his gadgets might be hidden.


Iconic villain, Goldfinger writes to his henchman, Oddjob from a secret location, or so he thought – he forgot about the pesky postmark.

The Man With The Golden Gun

Scaramanga is a famous three-nippled assassin who invites Bond to an apparent dinner. However, rumour has it he has a “fun house” which he built in order to duel his enemies to the death. Hopefully 007 doesn’t fall for it.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Agent XXX aka Major Anya Amasova remains a mystery to James Bond and he needs to choose whether he can trust her enough to rescue her or whether he should resist her charms once and for all.


Evil villain, Hugo Drax writes to his henchman, Jaws to give him some orders, among them is to visit the dentist as Drax obviously strives for perfection in his quest to populate Earth with “perfect physical specimens“.