James Franco takes on Lenny Kravitz in this epic Guitar Hero Live battle.


Earlier this year, Activision announced that Guitar Hero will be back for an encore after five years in Guitar Hero Live.

Guitar Hero Live is pretty much the same kind of game Guitar Hero has always been, where you push buttons on a plastic guitar along with notes of famous rock songs floating on the screen. But this new game will have some great new features that fans have been waiting for.

New Guitar

Guitar Hero Live

Starting off, the Guitar Controller has an updated design, with two rows of three buttons replacing the previous version which had one row of five buttons. In addition to the two rows of buttons, the new guitar has a strum bar, a whammy bar and a few knobs at the bottom. This obviously means that you won’t be able to reuse your old guitars to be able to play the new game.


Guitar Hero Live 2

Previously, your character was portrayed by a cartoon-style avatar and the crowd was a mass of cartoon avatars. Now, you have a first-person viewpoint and your band mates are portrayed by real-life actors. The crowd is also a real crowd with people and both the crowd and your band mates will react emotionally to your performance. For instance, if you really suck the crowd will start boo-ing and throwing stuff and your band mates will look at you in disgust.

Online Mode

Guitar Hero Live 3

Guitar Hero TV is the new online mode for Guitar Hero Live and can be accessed by pressing one of the buttons at the bottom of the new guitar. In this all-new online mode you will be able to flip through different channels that each stream different songs all the time. When you select a channel you can start playing whatever song is being streamed. The songs are picked randomly by each channel and are streamed 24/7. You can also queue different songs in the “songs on demand” section and choose different songs to dominate.