Pepper, the interactive and social robot from Japan-based SoftBank might just be the friendliest robot since R2-D2. This friendly robot was designed as a companion for the home and has the ability to read emotions by analysing humans facial moments and tone of voice. The whole point of Pepper is to detect when you’re feeling a little blue and then attempt to cheer you up and many have purchased him for their homes in Japan.

Friendliest Robot

But now SoftBank has revealed during its WSJD Tech Conference in Laguna Beach, California that SoftBank partnered with a French firm and placed seven of these Robots around different retail locations in Paris.

The main focus is to entertain people and to test how they react to seeing a robot in a shop. It is the first time we are getting Pepper out of Japan, so we will see the reaction of users in France.

Pepper is geared up to be hitting the US market next year, so who knows? Maybe in the future you’ll get a hug from a robot when you’re feeling a little sad.