If you’re not planning on attending rAge this weekend and feel like taking it easy, there are plenty of movies to watch this weekend at the cinemas or right from the comfort of your couch:

Ster-Kinekor and NuMetro Cinemas

American Ultra

This kind of Agent Coby Banks for adult stoners, sees Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart reunite to star in this movie as Mike and Phoebe. Mike’s chilled stoner life gets disrupted when he learns that he is actually an under cover and well-trained CIA agent.


Pan tells the classic Peter Pan story by J.M. Barrie and shows the adventurous journey an orphan took to become the ultimate symbol of fun and childhood imagination – Peter Pan.

Pawn Sacrifice

This true story follows the life of famous American chess player, Bobby Fischer (portrayed by Tobey Maguire) and his deeply disturbed life.

DStv BoxOffice

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

It’s got funny man, Steve Carell doing what he does best – making you feel so awkward that you can’t help but laugh as well as the hilarious Emma Stone. If they don’t sell you on this silly story then maybe the fact that Ryan Gosling takes off his shirt will.

Necktie Youth

This local movie is set in Soweto, South Africa and follows the story of a live-streamed suicide of a young girl on the anniversary of the violent Soweto Youth Uprising of 16 June 1976 which has ripple effects on the community.


The Matrix

We don’t even have to explain why this should be on your ultimate list of movies to watch. Catch it tonight on DStv 108 at 20:00.

Jurassic Park


This 1993 epic adventure movie from Steven Spielberg is the original that put down the ground work for the Jurassic Park franchise to be one of the most popular of our time. Catch it Saturday on DStv 108 at 20:00.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

The 8pm Sunday night movie on DStv channel 101 is Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.