A new survey which was sent out to certain PS4 owners, could hint at what is to come in the future of PS4 updates. The survey asks “Which of the below do you think are the most important features that should be added“.

PS4 Features

The list of option are many, but some of them stand out among others:

  • PS2 Classics
  • Folders
  • PS1 Classics
  • “Appear” Offline” mode
  • Delete Items from your library
  • Custom Bacgrounds
  • Change PSN ID
  • Increase max no of People in a Party

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Of the above, many have been features that we have been asking for from the PlayStation network service for years, even dating back to the start of the PS3 cycle, like the ability to change your PSN ID, and a Store Wish List. Others are PS4 related like Custom Backgrounds, and Folders, something we could use.

Whether any of these features could actually materialise into PS4 features, we don’t know. Regardless, this makes it clear that Sony is paying attention to owners out there, and that the possibility of getting any of these is pretty high.