You may have seen the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram – Represent698 has finally launched, and Riky Rick and Jack Parow are the first two artist sharing their stories.
Represent698 features a mixture of interviews, videos, photos and more of local artists including Das Kapital, PH Fat, Nonku Phiri, Nicci St Bruce and Rolo Rozay all donned in PUMA’s heritage rich Trinomic R698 sneakers.
The campaign is all about authenticity and being proud of that with rapper and producer Riky Rick saying that:
Anyone can make the greatest hits in the country, but not everybody can know themselves and put themselves into their music. That’s the most difficult  part. I’m here to Represent millions of kids, I’m somebody who has gone through what they are going through.
For music artist, Jack Parow, authenticity is all about owning your individuality and having a no-care attitude:
It’s important to be yourself and never pay too much attention to what people say. You’ve got to stay true to your own thoughts and beliefs.
The R698 sneakers were originally designed as performance runner sneakers back in the 90s, but soon became part of everyone’s urban street style. You can get yours at PUMA stores nationwide.
These two artists’ collaboration with PUMA doesn’t stop here and PUMA will be releasing limited Boss Zonke Football Club shirts by Riky Rick:
PUMA is also releasing limited Parow Pythons Rugby Club jerseys by Jack Parow: