Windows 10 has some rather great features, and one of its notably stand out one is the store where you can download apps and games onto your PC or tablet. We are talking about games and apps that are available on your iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. To have the ability to download these straight onto your PC is a great feature that everyone should take full advantage of. With that said I have found he best apps for your Windows 10 device, all straight from the Windows 10 store.

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Drawboard PDF – Free Trail/R134.99


Drawboard PDF lets you open up your PDFs and edit the with a stylus, mouse, or even your finger if you have a touch screen PC or tablet. It saves you having so download Adobe Reader, and it also saves you having to print out your documents to sign them.

Afterlight – Free Trial/$12.99

Stuble upon

Afterlight saves you from downloading expensive photo editing programs just to get those special effects in photographs. You can import photos from your PC and edit them. You can adjust the exposure, add vignettes, special effects, and even resize them.

StumbleUpon – Free


Forget your friend’s spam posts on your Facebook feed, StumbleUpon lets you choose what you actually want to see. You can tailor make your interests and take an organized tour of the internet solely based on your choices. If you are into cooking, travel, and music, then you will see just that.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection – Free


Who doesn’t like Solitaire? And Microsoft have revamped the classic Solitaire game that we all loved on Windows XP and above. It an entire collection of card games now with achievements and all. You can level up and unlock new games, and even purchase new card designs for when you get bored with your default ones. It is the perfect game for all those drab Mondays at work, and those relaxing Fridays.

FacebookTwitter – Free


Using a web browser is so overrated when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. If you install the Windows 10 version of the app, it will sync to your Windows changing your home lock screen to your profile pic, and your cover image will replace your background on your lock screen. It will also push notifications to you when a friend comments on something, or you get mentioned in a Tweet.