Media players are all the rage these days. The ability to plug them into your TV and watch whatever you wan, either from a USB or copying it directly to it makes them super appealing. Some media players even stream from your PC, iOS, or Android devices directly to it, cutting away the wires and those copying times. In case you are in the market to buy a new media player, here are a few that you should look into.

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Google Chromecast – R699.00


Google’s nifty Chromecast is the easiest plug-in-and-play device on the market. It allows you to stream YouTube, and other content from GooglePlay straight to it. It plugs into your HMDI port and is powered by a USB charger. It is a small device that can fit into you pocket, around the size of your thumb. There are various apps that support the device like Plex, Hulu, and Netflix.

WD TV Media Player – R1399


Western Digital are known for their great external hard drives, flash disks and other computer equipment. The Western Digital TV Media Player is as standard as they come, but that is the best thing about it. It has Wi-Fi capabilities for streaming from computers on the network, and it support every file format under the sun. You can plug any USB hard drives into it, as well as flash drives.

MyGica A TV582 Enjoy TV – R1599.00


If you don’t have a smart TV then with the MyGica, you can turn your TV into a fully fledged Android device. This unit packs a Cortex A9 Quad Core CPU with 1GB of RAM and runs on Android 4.4. It has a built-in web browser, Micro-SD support, and up to 3840×2160 (UHD) video support. This little device packs a few punches.

Google Nexus Player by Asus – R2199


This device is top of the range. Designed by Nexus, it supports Google Cast which allows you to stream games and other content directly to your TV. It has voice control for easy searching, and all this is possible thanks to Android TV OS that runs on it. Keep in mind that many of the features like Netflix and Hulu streaming will not be supported here in SA, so this device is all about what you have already on your PC, or other Android devices.

Mede8er Wi-Fi 3D Media Player (MED800X3D) – R2899


Although the age of 3D is over, the MED800X3D is still one of the best media players on the market. You can play 3D movies through it, stream videos from your network hub, and it has an open space internally for a 3.5″ hard drive which supports up to 3TB. Its web browser allows you to surf the net, and watch YouTube and Vimeo videos. Its Smart Remote has backlit keys for the dark and it is all fully controllable from it. The price might be a bit high on this one, but I know a few people who have never gone wrong when picking one of these up.

Xbox One – R5499.00


The Xbox One’s media app is a jewel. It supports network streaming as well as USB support. It also has a Mirror Cast option that lets you cast your Android or Windows mobile device directly to it, so you can play games and stream content to the console. Sure it is double the price of the most expensive media device on this list, but is a gaming console and a media player device all in one.

PlayStation 4 1 TB – R5999

PS4 3.0 System Software Beta

If all else fails, get a PS4. It has a great media player app built-in that was introduced a while back. You can stream videos from your network, and just plug-in a USB when the need arises. The main thing here, it does more than just play movies.