On Tuesday night Johannesburg’s party people came together to play thanks to KFC‘s Popping Candy Krusher experience held in trendy Braamfontein. The evening started off with the debut of local hip hop artist Blayze‘s #GetItPopping tune, which he created in collaboration with Audio Militia.

After that guests saw the Johannesburg skyline light up thanks to a cool interactive music and light experience.

The futuristic looking Launchpad table activated by placing a Popping Candy Krusher onto a weight sensor which then recorded the song you created onto MP3 form.

But even better than that, each button you pushed triggered different lights that were projected onto the  adjacent buildings – causing the Johannesburg skyline to light up in the same way music panels would.

We obviously got to enjoy the yummy new fun and playful Popping Candy Krusher which has real popping candy bits in it. The guests who were keen got to star in the official #GetItPopping music video, making the evening a fun and creative experience which engaged all of the senses.