We’re all on the edge of our seats for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featuring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavil returns as Superman and introducing Wonder Woman portrayed by Gal Gadot.


What really makes a superhero, aside from her/his superpowers/money, is her/his suit. Batman would be nothing without his suit as he has no other superpowers other than his massive inheritance. Superman uses his suit to hide his true identity and Wonder Woman has so many uses for her suit other than to look like an absolute bad ass Amazonian warrior. The costume designer for the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, Michael Wilkinson, spilled the beans on what went into creating these three iconic suits and also revealed some subtle secrets you might not have picked up before. Wilkinson dedicated a year of his life to conduct extensive research on each characters background story, abilities, requirements and of course their signature styles to ensure that only the best, most authentic suits are delivered to the fans.

Batman v Superman

I’m personally the most excited to see Wonder Woman‘s costume in action. We’ve been waiting to see her on the big screen for years and of course her costume is a fan favourite. Wilkinson describes his thinking behind creating this traditional and ancient-looking Amazonian warrior outfit to be true to the antiquated Amazon look and feel. It was also important for the princess of Themyscira to look battle ready and, of course, smoking hot and gracefully dangerous.

Batman v Superman 4

Our favourite son of Krypton probably wears the most iconic superhero suit of all of them and luckily Wilkinson realised that when he designed Superman‘s suit for the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. Wilkinson reveals some secrets behind the Superman suit:

ZackSnyder actually loved the idea that there was some Kryptonian script embedded in the suit. He gave me this fantastic quote he wanted us to translate into Kryptonian and incorporate it into the suit. It sort of deals with the nature of power and responsibility.

Batman v Superman 2

This movie will mark Ben Affleck’s debut as the new masked vigilante of Gotham, Batman. Like I said – Batman is completely reliant on his suit as without it he is merely a wealth trust fund bachelor, Bruce Wayne. This version of Batman is more experienced and has seen his share amount of fights. Wilkinson explains that he designed the suit to look larger and bulkier than previous version because he wanted Batman to appear bigger and more experienced than Superman.

Batman v Superman 3