Gmail is by far one of the most popular email clients in the world and its universal account covers YouTube, Google, Google Drive, and even Android devices. If you use Gmail often then check out some tips on how to get the most of the service:


Email Large Files

Google Drive

We all know the struggle of today’s world, files are larger and email clients do not support sending them over email. With Google Drive and Gmail, you can send any file over 25MB. Just upload your file to your Google Drive and then request a link which you can send to the intended recipient.

Make use of Google Docs


Google Docs lets you edit your documents on your web browser or from your mail. When you receive an email with a document on it, you are able to edit it right there, save it and send it back to the person who sent it to you without having to save it.

Link other email accounts to your Gmail

I know it might sound like a hassle, and sometimes it actually is trying to get your other email addressed lined with your Gmail. But once it is done, then you should be good to go.

Head into “settings”, then click on “accounts” and then click on the “Import Tab”. Choose “Check mail from other accounts” . Follow the steps by entering your email account and then the POP3 address associated with your account, if needed. You should get your POP 3 details from your service provider.

Save all your contacts on the cloud

The best thing about today’s technology is that if you ever lose your phone, somewhere in the cloud up there, your contacts should be saved. Well, that is if you ever connected to a cloud based service. Gmail automatically uploads any new contacts you save from your phone to the cloud.

Undo Sent

If you have a set amount of contacts on your Hotmail account, and you want them all in one place, you can import them and merge them all together.

Make use of the shortcuts


Gmail has tons of shortcuts that you can use to make your life much easier. There is a full list of them over at the support forum, but in case you want them on the fly, just press “Shift ?”. This will bring up a ton of shortcuts for you to utilise.

Undo your sent mail

You can actually cancel a mail that has already been sent, but first you will need to enable this option. Go into General > Settings and check the option that says Enable undo Sent. You can now select how long you want the email to wait in the server before you cannot cancel the sending of it. This timer ranges from 5, 10, 20 , or 30 seconds.

Undo Sent

From now on when you send an email, you will see a yellow box on the screen. If you click on it, it will cancel that last email or delete it entirely. WhatsApp should do this for all those drunk exes, just saying.

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Make use of the labels


Instead of folders, Gmail uses labels. They work the same as the folders in Outlook, so feel free to go ahead and drag your mails into these labels.

Enable Preview

Gmail works differently to Outlook, in Outlook when you click on a mail you can preview it in the window on the right. In Gmail you cannot see the mail in its full view, well, by default. To enable a preview window you will firstly need to active the Gmail Labs in settings by following this guide:


  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Click the  gear in the top right and select Settings.
  3. Open the Labs tab.
  4. Identify the labs you want to turn on and click the Enable radio button.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now open the labs tab and search for Preview Panel. Click on “Enable” and save your changes. When you go back into Gmail, it will be there.