We all have a little Instagram addiction; if its not uploading images on the hour, its searching for awesome hipster food and fashion to help us with our next trip to the shops. Check out some Insta tips to help you get the most out of your next Instagram post.

Save Your Original Photos

Instagram automatically compresses your pictures and why would we want that? We know that it saves data and all, but if you’re mainly on the Wi-Fi, then this option is a waste of time.


In order to get Instagram to save the original photograph without saving the low res version, you just need to head into your options and look for the option that says Save Original Photos. Your app will now save your photos in a higher res for scrapbooking and what not.


Save Data

If you are really that data conservative, then you might find the Use Less Data option  useful. Head on into settings and find Cellular Data Use, then activate the Use Less Data option. You will now, well, use less data when surfing Instagram.


Link Your Instagram Account

The best thing about linking your Instagram account to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and anything else you might own, is the feature lets you upload to that site whenever you take a pic. This saves you from having to go and upload these individually.


Head on into options and tap on Linked Accounts”. Tap on the account you want to sign in with. Keep in mind that Twitter only shows a link to your pic, and not the actual pic. I know, they seriously need to fix that.

Edit Photos Without Uploading Them


You can use Instagram as a simple photo editor if you wish. All you need to do is make sure that your phone is in Airplane mode and then try and upload a pic. You will be able to choose it, and then edit it, but when you try and upload it, it will give you an error. Do not fear, that picture is now in your gallery/ camera roll.

Make Collages


Before you had to download a separate app to combine pictures into one picture to make a collage. Instagram saw how popular this was and made their own Layout app that lets you do just that. The Layout app does have its restrictions compared to the popular Fuzel Collage, as it does lower you image quality and you cannot rotate any of your images, but its good enough for now.

You can download the Layout app straight from Instagram by tapping on the blocks above your camera roll.