Since its revamp late last year from Hotmail to Outlook, Microsoft have built a solid web mail client that incorporates everything you need with your Outlook account in one place. Here is how to get the most out of your Outlook account be it using your OneDrive, Microsoft Word Online, or Outlook.

Use that Right Click

You cannot really right click on anything in a web browser without it bringing up the web browser’s options. With Outlook you can right click on things to open a list of new options. If you want to Reply All to a mail, or mark as unread, even move it to a specific folder, you can do it all from the right click option.

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Utilize OneDrive

I often need to send emails with fairly large attachments to people who do not have an Outlook account. The best thing about OneDrive is its massive online storage capacity, and the fact that when you send a link of your uploaded files to a work friend, they do not even need to have an Outlook account to download the file.

Right click

You can also access your OneDrive directly from Windows 10 by finding it in the explorer. If you are on a friend’s PC you can log in via a web browser too. Everything that you drag and drop into the OneDrive folder on your PC will automatically upload to your drive and be visible on any of the platforms that you are logging in from.

Work online with Word Online

If you ever find yourself in a situation without Microsoft Word on a PC, you can log into your Outlook account and create new Word documents in the cloud and save them to your drive. You can then download them when you are back on your PC and continue with your work from there.


This works for all Microsoft Office programs so whether you need Excel or Powerpoint, it is all workable from your web browser. Neat right?

Organize your OneDrive

After a while your OneDrive might get a big cluttered, but you can easily organize it by creating new folders and moving content into these specific folders. Just right click anywhere choose New > Folder. Now just click and drag the items you want into the specific folders and you are good to go.


Share your Uploads

So you have now sorted out your uploads and everything is neat and tidy, but now you want to send you friends a link so they can download the files and view them too. What you want to do now is right click on the folder or item that you want to share and click on share. It will ask you if you want a link or if you would like to mail it to someone. Mailing is pretty simple as you type in the address and you are good to do. If you want to send a link then just click on Get Link, you now have a link to your folder or file.Share

Some more tips

  • To mark everything as read in your inbox, right click on the “inbox” on the left hand side and click “mark all as read”
  • You can create a new folder easily by clicking “New Folder”
  • You can click and drag any email from one location to another easily. Or just search for an group of emails by using the search bar to find a specific email address, then select them all and move them into a specific folder
  •  You can view all your uploaded pictures on your OneDrive from any app or PC.
  • On iPhone you can set your OneDrive app to automatically upload your camera roll to your drive. You would just need to get the app first.
  • If you create word document on the Microsoft Word app for iPhone iPad, Android, or Windows Mobile, it will automatically upload to your OneDrive and be accessible on all your platforms and web browser.