Local electronic cigarette producers, Twisp, have just launched three new e-cigs, each one unique in its own way while delivering the best experience that electronic cigarette tech can cover.

Twisp has been around since 2008 and was the first South African e-cigarette on the market. The new range of e-cigarettes from Twisp are the products of many years of research and development and come in 3 models:

  • The Edge is Twisp’s new flagship electronic cigarette boasting advanced technology and stylish design. The device allows you to customise your vapour density through a variable power output system.
  • The Solo has a sleek, slim and elegant design and comes with a replaceable mouthpiece and atomiser head delivering the same Twisp experience customers enjoy.
  • The Aero is a powerful e-cigarette contained in a compact design that comes with two atomiser head arrangements – a standard atomiser head and a free flow head which is sold separately and produces maximised vapour.

Each device has a unique look so that you can choose a Twisp that suits your taste and lifestyle, while enjoying a quality vaping experience. The company has accumulated quite a large community of Twispers and you can only expect the same, best quality technology from this new range as you’ve always enjoyed. The three new devices boast robust atomiser coils, and provide better vapour production and density giving you a cool vapour experience. The innovative modular design of each model allows you to customise your Twisp to suit your own style and taste.

You can Discover Your Twisp through a cool digital experience where three videos have been shot in parallel which represent each of the three models in the new range. Users can use their keyboard to switch between these three videos, with each video featuring unique music, character and a different setting, but the actions all mirror each other.

You can discover the perfect Twisp for you here and if you share your favourite video to Facbeook or Twitter you will stand a chance to win the model of your choice from this new range. You can also check out its website or visit one of the 52 local locations and ask a Twispologist to help you get the Twisp device of your choice.

Twisp ensures that its refill flavours meet the highest pharmaceutical standards. The refill flavours are produced in a Medicine Control Council approved lab and are approved by Good Manufacturing Practice and International Organisation for Standards. The refill flavours are also produced with only the best and, where possible, natural ingredients and are made with top grade pharmaceutical nicotine and are bottled in childproof containers.