There is absolutely no doubt that when a new Assassin’s Creed title comes along, we have to celebrate it in any way possible, and last night Megarom hosted, yet again, a stellar event. Just when you think that there is an Assassin’s Creed on the horizon that takes place in an era where locations are limited in Johannesburg, trust Megarom to find something that suited the game’s era perfectly. Situated at Churchills in Melrose Arch, the bar/restaurant takes you back to the Victorian days of sitting in the dining cart on an express steam train and sipping on tea from a royal china cup.

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One of the Megarom representatives even had the entire Assassin’s Creed outfit on, and we are not talking about a simple cosplay outfit. This Jacob outfit was the real deal, with 100% genuine lather overcoat, the iconic Hidden Blade, and a hood that looked extremely authentic.

Weapons in Assassin's Creed Syndicate 2

We all joined to play through two of the game’s missions, these took place very early in the game and they are actually the first two mission in the game. One mission saw Jacob sneak into a metal works factory to Assassinate a child labour enforcer. Here you figured how Jacob works, relying on melee combat rather than stealth. He is equipped with throwing knives, at first, as there are more upgrades to unlock as you play the game. One thing was pretty clear from the start of the game, parkour, and character control in general has been polished up perfectly. No more getting stuck on ledges where you can clearly jump off, or no more jumping out of a cover just because you moved to the side of a box.

Combat with Jacob has taken a more causal approach. Rather than using swords and hammers, you now rely on fists and your blade. You will chain together attacks and build up combos, pressing “X” to break a character’s blocking stance, and Triangle to counter-attack. Trust me when I say it is extremely smooth. Think of an Arkham series title, but not so fast and with less Batman.


Evie on the other hand relies much more on stealth. She plays like a cat slinking through the darkness, up pipes and down walls, so smooth and silent. Sure when she gets in a pickle she resorts to close combat, but in general she was much easier to play the stealth approach than Jacob. Her mission, which I will not spoil was a more silent approach to the situation. You could hide in the iconic hay stacks, and toss a throwing knife at a bunch of hanging barrels, killing enemies underneath it.

On a serious note, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate seems to be an apology to fans after last year’s Unity release. Ubisoft knew the risks of the game, as one more failure like Unity, and we will never see another Assassin’s Creed game again. Although I only spent a few hours with the game, it is looking extremely positive.


PixelVulture would like thank Megarom and the team for the awesome launch and all the goodies we got. We will have tons of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate content coming your way over the next few weeks, as well as a final verdict of the game in our video review and maybe even a sneaky giveaway – so be sure to check in regularly.

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You can pre-order Assassin’s Creed today from local retailers, and all these pretty figurines that you see below, you can pick them up too if you keen on adding them to your collection.

Evie – R699


Jacob Frye – R699