The first major update in the Windows 10 eco system is around the corner. Dubbed Windows 10 “Threshold 2”, the update will not push Windows 10 to Windows 10.1 or anything like that, but it will be released on a Windows Update, rather than in the Windows Store like we saw Windows 8.1.

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The Windows 10 Fall Update will bring about some rather dire bug fixes and tweaks that have been plaguing the OS for some time now, as well as a few new visual features that continue to enhance you Windows 10 experience.

Coloured Title Bars


In the current version of Windows 10 any tab you open have a white bar at the top of it. This means that no matter what visual style you are using in terms of you wallpaper, it would remain the same. With the Fall update, the tabs will change depending on the wallpaper and start menu colour that you are using. It might be a minor visual tweak, its at least something.

Start Menu Adverts

With all things in life, we have to put up with adverts of things we never actually want. In the Windows 10 Fall update, your start menu will now display “suggestions” based on apps that you have installed. This feature will encourage users to head on into the Store and download apps that Microsoft suggests to you. It is just another way that Microsoft plan on pushing the Windows Store as the only place to download apps on your Windows 10 device.


Keep in mind that you will be able to disable these once the update is live, so those of you who are highly against it, you can have it your way.

Sync Microsoft Edge Content Across Windows 10 Devices

The Microsoft Edge browser is pretty great, I use it everyday, and one thins that I noticed the other day is that there is no way to preview tabs, and sync data across to your other devices. Well, with the Windows 10 Fall update, Microsoft are adding these features in. You will be able to hover over tabs to preview them, and you will be able to sync all your Windows 10 reading lists, history, and favourites across your devices.Microsoft_Edge_Featured

Skype Integration

Skype Tips and Tricks

As of now, if you want to make use of Skype, you would need to download the app from the Store, but seen as Microsoft owns Skype and all, they are integrating it into Windows 10. You will be able to use Skype through any of the new Skype services apps. These apps will be divided into three, one or voice call, one for text messages, and one for video calls. This will make it easier for people who only use a portion of Skype’s features.



Cortana will be receiving some improvements when the Fall update releases, and even though we do not have Cortana support, it is nice to know what we are missing out on. Cortana will be able to understand inked notes, track flight and other tickets, as well as notify you when you have missed a call or any text messages. Cortana will also turn off when you are not using your PC.

Windows 10 Improved Activation

Windows 10

Windows 10 will be much easier to activate once the update has been released. You will also be able to activate Windows 10 using Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 product keys if your keys are valid and your PC fits into the “eligible for upgrade” column.

Track Lost PCs


There comes a time where we all lose something, even though I doubt we are going to lose our desktops anytime soon. With the Windows 10 Fall update, you will be able to track any lost Windows 10 devices thanks to the option to save its location periodically.