Fallout 4 is a massive game with so much to that it could be intimidating at first, but sometimes you need to just let go of the worries of the Wastelands and have some fun. Be it disintegrating a Mole Rat, powering up your settlement, or blowing up an innocent civilian. There is always something to do that will let your worries subside. Here are 5 thing you need to do in Fallout 4, all in GIF glory.

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Take advantage of V.A.T.S

The V.A.T.S system in Fallout 4 is great, not only because it gives you a more tactical approach to a gun fight, but it also provides a rather fulfilling feeling when you disintegrate an enemy with a laser shot to the head, or pop their limbs off with pistol to their legs.

Fallout 4 VATS

Make use of V.A.T.S whenever you feel like there is an enemy around the area in front of you that you just cannot see. The V.A.T.S will show you who is really hidden away in the bush ahead

Put A Grenade In A Pocket

No, I do not mean your pocket, I mean an unsuspecting civilian just going about their normal duties in Diamond City. Once you have reached rank 2 in pickpocketing, you can not only do is at a less chance of being caught, but you can also put stuff in a enemies pocket, and when I mean “stuff” I mean a grenade.

Fallout 4

This ability comes in useful when you are trying to sneak through an area and decide you no longer want to take the silent route. After the grenade has been planted, do yourself a favour and run for the hills, and then pull out your gun and get ready to kill the rest of the enemies that actually survive the explosion

Get In A Power Suit

Power suits are scattered around the Wasteland, and they are essential when it comes to the really tough times in Fallout 4. Firstly they require Fusion Cores which are their main power source and most of the time, when you find a power suit, it is useless as it does not have a core.
Power Suit

Always make sure you pick these cores up which can be found in generators in the game. When you find these power suits, you can then get in them and make use of their great armour and defence. A power suit accompanied by a mini gun is a match made in heaven, so be sure to keep one in your inventory or your companion’s inventory at all times.

Use A Fat Man

Fallout 4 GIF

There is no greater feeling in the world than launching a Mini-Nuke off a projectile launcher into a robot’s face and watching it crumble to pieces. No, it isn’t overkill, it’s self defence. The Fat Man in the Fallout series has always been the most over-powered weapon of all time. It really does very little on its own, rather the Mini-Nuke which is its ammunition, is the reason why it is so powerful. Just witness it for yourself.

Play Red Menace

The Wasteland is full of side activities to partake in, one of these are the holotape games that you come across in the game. These tapes are the same games that you can play using the iOS and Android app, but what is the fun in that when you can play it on your terminal in the game itself?

Fallout 4 Game

One of these games are located back in Vault 111 and it is basically a clone of the original Donkey king, but who is worries anyway? Just walk up to the terminal in the Recreation Room and press square (X-Xbox One). This will boot up the game. Enjoy!

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