The theory that Apple releases software that purposely makes your older iPhones slower, could be real.

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A recent study undertaken by Laura Trucco from Harvard University seems to suggest that this “slow iPhone” phenomenon, could be more than just our minds playing tricks on us. The study backs up the theory that Apple purposefully releases software updates before the launch of a new iPhone which cause older devices to slow down and not respond as quickly. This ultimately causes users to believe that they need a new phone as theirs is just not as good as it used to be.

This study analysed search results referring to the words “iPhone slow” from Google around the time a new iPhone was set to release, and it showed that the amount of people who searched this term, spiked tremendously.


When the study searched for similar results regarding Samsung’s flagship phones, with the terms “Samsung Galaxy Slow”, the results were the complete opposite. If this is true, it could be due to the fact that Samsung have no control over the release date of Android on their devices, so for them to release this “Slow” OS before a new Galaxy is released, would prove difficult.


If this is correct, it could mean that Apple are jeopardizing their own devices in order to drive sales.

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