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Power banks have become any smartphone owner’s must-have gadget of late and as our smartphones become more powerful, so do their battery strain. If you’re a serious gadgets freak and you’re forever chasing the next charging point or if you’re a frequent traveller, the Emie Memo 10 000Ah power bank is the only power bank you will ever need.



The design is one of the best parts about the Emie Memo. The green and black version we used combined simplicity with usability – a feature many other power banks lack. The non-toxic, rubber-like oil coating looks really funky and fun, is easy to clean as you can just wipe it when it gets dirty and provides a non-slippery surface. The simple rectangular design combined with the bold green colour makes the Emie Memo look like something cool out of 2001: Space Odyssey.


Weighing in at just over 200g and being rather slim the Emie-Memo is easy to carry around and can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag. It claims to be 25% thinner than the average power bank currently on the market, which was achieved by using an ultrasonic process to cut out wasted space.The Memo comes in more vibrant designs like the Pop, Egypt or Ice Cream and each version looks super sleek and feels sturdy while not bulky and awkward to carry around.



It doesn’t only boast a very simple design, it’s also very simple to use. Once you plug-in your device it instantly starts to charge without having to download or instal any additional software or the need to pair anything. The Emie Memo automatically switches off once your device is fully-charge as well, meaning that it doesn’t waste its power by staying on unnecessarily.

If you’re looking for something powerful then the Emie Memo is the power bank for your. This device is the very definition of dynamite comes in small packages and don’t let its thin and light-weight design fool you. This nifty power bank is able to fully charge an iPhone 6s four times, an LG G4 just over three times, an Apple Watch just over seven times and iPad about twice. That’s really impressive as Apple’s iPads are notorious for sucking a lot of juice from anything you plug them into. We think it’s pretty rad that the Emie Memo is powerful enough to charge any (and probably) all of your devices and it ships with a plat while Micro-USB cable but can charge anything with a USB cable, even an electronic cigarette.


An interesting feature is the ability to check the amount of battery power left in the power bank by shaking it, which activates an LED battery light. The idea is that you never have to press a button. You just plug a device in and charge it or you shake it to check how much charge is left. The different LED lights which indicate how much charge is left work as follows:

  • Red: 70% – 100%;
  • Blue: 30% – 70%;
  • Green: 0% – 30%.

I think they got the colours flipped as green would usually mean (in my mind at least) that you’re good to go and red would indicate that you’re in danger of running out of juice. But Emie opted to go the opposite so keep that in mind. Also, the difference between 40% seems a little too much of a gamble and I found myself charging it every time it changed from blue to green just in case, even though there was essentially 40% to play with.


In terms of power banks, you have many options to choose from. But if you’re looking for a power bank that combines simple, clean and compact design with a powerful charging unit then the Emie Memo is the power bank for you. Weighing a little over 200g means that you never have to go through the frustration of being stuck with a dead smartphone, smartwatch or basically anything that has a USB cable to charge. Being a 10 000Ah power bank means that the Memo is not only able to use multiple times on different devices it also means you don’t constantly have to charge multiple devices every day.


The shake to check battery status function has all the best intentions of being a fun feature, making the need to push buttons redundant. But the feature becomes a little confusing and unnecessarily fancy.

Review: Emie Memo 10 000Ah Power Bank Blows The Competition Away
Sleek and fun designMultiple charges Easy to use
Battery-life indicator not idea
90%Overall Score
Battery Life85%
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