We take a look at some of the early companions in Fallout 4 and what they like, dislike, and if you can romance them. In order to unlock each companion’s perk, you will need to first reach max affinity, here are some tips:

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Location: Sanctuary Hills
Robot Sympathy – Gain 10+ damage resistance against robot energy weapons
Likes: Kindness, Generosity
Hates: Chem addiction and use. Crime


Codsworth is your second companion that you get, after Dogmeat. Codsworth is extremely over-powered with his melee attacks, and likes it if you are generous and polite. You get the opportunity to take Codsworth with you right at the start of the game.

Nick Valentine

Location: Vault 114 in Park Street Station
Close to Metal – You Gain one extra guess and 50% faster terminal cooldown when trying to hack
Likes: Helping people, hacking, generosity
Hates: Stealing, killing innocents, chems.
Romance: No (thank god)

Fallout 4_20151101193018

Nick Valentine is a Synth that you meet along the way during a quest. He will ask to join you and you can bring him along. He has some really great shooting skills, and can hack any terminal you come across, yes, even the master ones.

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Location: Diamond City (Reunions Quest)  
Gift of Gab – You gain double XP for overcoming dialogue challenges and discovering new locations
Likes: Picking locks, generosity, dialogue persuasion
Hates: Stealing, killing innocent,  chems
Romance: Yes


Piper is a tough cookie to deal with at times. Often she will LOVE it when you are peaceful and generous with people, and other times she will hate it when you are a pushover. The best way to max out her friendship is to pick locks, and help people for free.


Location: Concord – Museum of Freedom
United We Stand – You gain +20 percent damage and +20 Damage Resistance when facing three or more enemies.
Likes: Peaceful solutions, kindness, weapon modifications.
Hates: Stealing, killing innocent, chems
Romance: Yes


Preston is an early companion in the game, he has a pretty decent perk and is great with energy weapons. He likes things to be calm and he can be romanced after reaching max affinity. All you need to do is modify weapons when he is with you, and be nice in general.


Location: Trinity Tower (Curtain Call Quest)
Perk: Berserk – When your health falls below 25 percent, you deal +20 additional melee weapon damage.
Likes: Violence, generosity, peaceful resolutions
Hates: Lock picking, wearing power armour, dialog persuasions.
Romance: No


Strong is basically the complete opposite of the every other companion. He is rude, arrogant, and obnoxious at all times. He will call you “stupid human” and laugh at you when you walk into a trap. He however cannot be romanced, for obvious reasons. He uses a ranged weapon at times, but most of the time he goes in tank formation with a sledgehammer.


Location: Vault 81 (Hole in the Wall Quest)
Perk: Combat Medic – If your health falls below 10 percent, Curie will heal you by 100 Hit Points. She can only do this once per day.
Likes: Generosity, peaceful resolutions
Hates: Crimes
Romance: No


Curie is the second Mr. Handy robot that you can get as a companion. She has energy weapons that she wields and can heal you when you are in a pickle. She also prefers kindness and generosity.


Location: Scollay Square – Town of Goodneighbor
Perk: Isodoped – If you’re at 250 Rads or higher, your criticals recharge 20 percent faster.
Likes: Chem addiction, generosity
Hates: Killing innocent, stealing
Romance: Yes


Hancock is a ghoul that is in charge of the town of Goodneighbor. You will have to complete the quest, Big Dig, and Silver Shroud before he becomes available as a companion. He likes to help people out, and is the only companion that will not complain if you become addicted to chems.

Paladin Danse

Location: Scollay Square – Town of Goodneighbor
Perk:  Know Your Enemy – Your attacks gain +20 percent more damage against Super Mutants, Synths, and Feral Ghouls.
Likes: Honesty, displays of force, power armour weapons/armour modifications, wearing power armour.
Hates: Killing innocent, stealing, chems
Romance: Yes


Paladin Danse walks around in a power armour at all times. It never runs our of fuel and is extremely powerful, giving you an advantage over the situation. He like everything relates to the Brotherhood of Steel, so if someone talks bad about it, kill them, it will make him happy


Location: Old North Church
Perk: Cloak & Dagger – You gain +40 percent to stealth duration and inflict +20 percent sneak attack damage.
Likes: Generosity, hacking, lock picking,
Hates: Violence, killing innocent, chems.
Romance: No

Fallout 4_20151103194922

Deacon loves peace, but if you have to be mean he will not complain. He is proficient in sneaking and using disguises. He will also help you out of you want to sneak as his perk greatly increases your stealth abilities too.


Location: Combat Zone Boston
Perk: Trigger Rush – Your Action Points regenerate at an accelerated rate if your Health is below 25 percent.
Likes: Violence, chem use, lock picking, stealing.
Hates: Peacful resolutions, generosity.
Romance: Yes


If you are in the mood to play Fallout 4 recklessly and just be the most evil person in the Wasteland, then Cait would be your perfect companion. She can unlock any type of lock, and is pretty good with a trigger too. She also likes violence, chems, and stealing.


Location: The Third Rail basement, hire for 150 caps
Perk: Killshot – Headshot accuracy in VATS is improved 20%.
Likes: Stealing, lock picking, violence
Hates: Killing innocent, chems
Romance: Yes


MacCready is a hard man to read, although he likes violence, he also like peaceful resolutions. He is a pro marksman which makes him perfect for taking enemies out in the distance with a perfect headshot.


Location: The Institute
Perk: Shield Harmonics – You receive a +20 Energy Resistance.
Likes: Hacking. Modifications of any kind
Hates: Killing innocent, chems, stealing.
Romance: No


Being a Synth, he really cannot stand human emotions, and loves all things tech related. He is proficient with energy weapons in battle, and he can also sense enemies nearby.