The biggest game of the year is out and we have the best tips for Fallout 4 starting out the game. You have just emerged from the vault and the wasteland can be a scary place for those who have never faced its barren wilderness before. So before you have completed the introduction to the game and set forth on your quest, here are 5 things you should always keep in mind when exploring.

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Pick Up Everything

Basically, everything in Fallout 4 revolves around what you pick up off the ground. You know? The whole, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure thing? Well in Fallout 4 everything is basically trash, that is until you do something with it, and you can do something with almost anything in Fallout 4.

With the game’s new crafting system, everything you pick up will have some sort of use, be it a broomstick or a empty bottle. Not only will this “trash” be used to build weapons and armour upgrades, but your settlement will benefit from the items too as they will also need certain items to upgrade certain parts of it.

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For those items that you really cannot find any use for, you can then break them down into refined materials. These will be of vital importance when it comes to crafting.

Give Everything To Your Companion

If you are going to go and pick up everything then you will need somewhere to store it all. Luckily your companion can be your walking stash. When you have filled up your load, just ask your companion to trade. This will then allow you to move everything you you’re not using to your companion, freeing up some space on your end.

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Learn To Swim

Fallout 4 is full of new environments to explore, and if you think its all dry and dirty like the old Capital Wasteland, think again. There is ample opportunity to swim in the game but the problem is, radiation has taken its toll on the water supply, so getting into the water will lead to your radiation stat increasing, and this is bad.


A little down the perk list, you will find a perk called Auqagirl or Aquaboy. This perk, once unlocked, will allow you to take a dip in the gorgeous, yet deadly waters and stay free from radiation poisoning.

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Tactical Is Key

Remember, this is not Call of Duty, you cannot enter a stronghold and start firing away with your pistol, or whacking enemies over the head with your baseball bat. You will die, especially in the start of the game.

On that note, it is important to know that the AI in the game has had some rather clever tweaks making them quite aware of your presence and you movements, so do not think that you can take advantage of them like we used to back in Fallout 3.

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So remember, take your time, scout your area ahead, and plan your attack carefully. At least stick to this until you have levelled up a bit and gathered new gear.

Establish Settlements

Fallout 4 features a new Settlement mechanic which lets you take control of a safe area and look after it. By doing this you can feel like decent person knowing that you’re providing a decent living space for those around you.

A Settlement is important to take control of as soon as possible as it allows to store unwanted junk in boxes, saving you the overburdened problem. You can also sleep in the Settlement which grants you a “Well Rested” perk that increases XP gains by 10% for a period of time. They’re packed with crafting tables so you can upgrade you armour  and weapons.


Lookout For Trashcan Carla

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Not near a store? Well Trashcan Carla will make your day as she is a travelling merchant that you can find throughout the wasteland. She is accompanied by a Brahmin, those ugly two-headed cow creatures. So if you see one of these in the distance, do not get clever and think you can sniper it, because it is actually a shop that you will need to buy and sell stuff at.

Kindness Is Free

Although the opportunity arises quite frequently to bring out the rude and arrogant player in all of us in the game’s dialogue, try and be kind at all times. I once told a farmer that his daughter deserved what she got because she decided to got out and fight a bunch of Raider, he then kicked me off the farm. I do not think I will be back for a cigar and Nuka-Cola anytime soon.

If you want to see an outcome of a terrible decision, and you will know when this is about to happen, rather save your game in a separate save slot. This way if you really suffer from threatening someone’s life, then you can just load up your game.

Improve On Your Hacking And Lockpicking Early

We all know that Fallout is full of opportunities to make the most out of the more technical things in the game. Two of these are lockpicking and hacking, which come in handy at all times.

Fallout 4

Some terminals will require a higher level to hack, this is why you should also try and keep your hacking perk as high as possible. The same goes for lockpicking. There is nothing worse than having to leave a safe behind because you lack the skill level to open that bad boy up and take what’s inside.

Take Out Every Legendary Enemy


The legendary enemies scattered around the wasteland hold some rather epic loot. You will know you are facing a legendary enemy by two signs; 1, you are probably dying, and 2, there is a skull next to their name on their health bar.

Take them out as fast as possible, they are hard though, so get ready for a fight. In the end it will be worth it as chances are, they will drop a rather great weapon or piece of gear.