Many might think that video games are an unhealthy way of life. They keep you inactive and unhealthy, but this is actually not the case for many gamers out there. There are numerous advantages to playing games, both physical and psychological. We have already highlighted the psychological advantages to gaming, so this time we are going to focus on the wellness and fitness part of it.


Starting from a young age, video games teach children to make the right decisions in both fitness and health. The main gaming platform for a child is a smartphone and tablet, and there are so many titles available that encourage learning. Not only do these game change the way children see the world, but they also promote healthy choices in eating and decision-making.

Starting Them Young

Sago Mini Babies

One of these games is the latest Sago Mini Babies. It is a simple game for ages 5 and under that sees your child look after baby animals. You feed them healthy food, bathe them, and play simple games with them that help stimulate a child’s imagination by creating real-life scenarios for when they their own pets.

In general many of the games available on electronic devices for kids aged 5 and under, revolve around children making decisions and solving simple puzzles. They learn to eat healthy when they see reactions from their digital pets when they are fed vegetables. They learn that bathing is fun as none of the games portray cleanliness from a negative viewpoint.

DragonBox Algebra +5

Just when you thought algebra was for adults, Dragon Box Algebra enables kids, and yourself, to learn algebra at a steady pace. The game is targeted at 5 and over, and is designed in such a way in which it teaches kids how to grasp the basics of advanced mathematics without them even knowing that they are actually doing math.

Fitness in Gaming

There are countless ways that video games try and incorporate fitness into our lives. Here are a few examples of ways that giant game developers have created motion games and as that help improve fitness.

Xbox One Fitness

Built into the Xbox One to make use of the Kinect motion sensor, the Fitness app lets you work out alongside some of the most popular fitness instructors in the world like Tony Horton, Tracey Anderson, and, Jillian Michaels.

These fitness sessions are all enhanced thanks to Kinect’s power to track your pulse, and pick up what muscles are taking the most strain during your workout. It measures your exertion to help you push harder, resulting in more effective workouts. The sensor can also pick up your pulse with no additional attachments from 3 meters away.

Nintendo’s Motion Movement

Nintendo have been known for its motion devices and games for some time now, and WiiFit U is the ultimate combination of the classic WiiFit, plus new additional features like the ability to detect your calories burned and an enhanced training session.

The bundled Fit Meter is your gaming pedometer as it tracks your movement throughout the day. The games that come with the WiiFit U are all designed to make the most out of your exercise by keeping you active while enjoying a typical game session.


Playmation is a concept designed by Disney that targets younger children by bringing a video game world in you lounge. It uses wearable toys such as wireless sensors that give the kids an experience like no other. Children will be forced move about their surroundings while they complete missions, level up, and earn points.


Disney developed Playmation to help encourage kids to be more active and explore their surroundings while playing games. There is even a outdoor environment that increases the play area. The best thing about these toys is that they are all popular characters from the Disney Universe like Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and Frozen.


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