GE partnered with National Geographic for a groundbreaking new series, Breakthrough, which premieres November 1st on the NatGeo channel. The series examines scientific explorers and cutting-edge innovations.

Science Behind 3

We went behind the scenes with scientists from GE’s Global Research Centre who are either featured in the series or are doing work related to series topics. They told us more about their work and how it will impact our world. Essentially GE and National Geographic explore the stories behind the science of breakthrough medical technology.

The first episode, entitled Fighting Pandemics, premiered last night and follows an interesting perspective in terms of medical technological advances during epidemic outbreaks.

Science Behind 2

Much as technology leaps forward during times of war, the Ebola outbreak that began in 2014 is forcing medical science to evolve as quickly as the virus it’s fighting. This horror is provoking a revolution that may give birth to a world virtually free of pathogens…and we are watching this seismic shift as it happens.  Scientists and medical practitioners working at the front lines of disease prevention and control are finding breakthrough ways to fight pandemic viruses, from antibiotics and vaccines to computer programs that predict how viruses spread. These life-saving tools, battle-tested in the current crisis, will be used to fight a wide range of killer viruses in the near future.

Science Behind 4

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This article originally appeared on National Geographic
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