We’re still celebrating hard at PixelVulture and enjoying our birthday month. Seeing as your birthday is usually a time to reflect we partnered up with some creative masterminds and asked them to give their spin on gaming, tech and geek in a cool illustrated series.

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The featured artists, namely Neil “Boeta” Phyf, Anja “Nanna” VenterPhilip “DieHonest” Botha and Willem Samuel, all have different styles and we love each artists’ interpretation of our awesome site and the categories our viewers dig the most.

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This week we’ve got the lovely and extremely talented, Anja “Nanna” Venter rubbing her funk on gaming, tech and geek culture. We really dig what Anja did and the more you look at each illustration the more easter (or whichever species) eggs you find. Check out these high-tech birds and drop us a comment with your favourite:

The Pixel Vulture pixelvulture v2

The Nerdy Budgiegeek coloursThe Gamer DuckgamesThe Tech Eagletech

Hailing from Bellville, Anja Venter is fascinated by the intersection of art, culture and technology and has stubbornly evaded a singular job title, remixing the avenues available to her to forge her own path. She studied four years of visual communication at Stellenbosch University and has since ‘made pictures’ for a variety of platforms and purposes, from client work to comics, to games and apps. In 2011 she returned to university to complete her Masters degree in Media studies with a focus on video game culture in marginal settings. She is currently working towards a Microsoft-sponsored PhD which looks at how creative tools, particularly those on mobile, can assist in democratising visual design capabilities. Next up, she’ll be helping to crowdsource and generate 67 learning games from around the world for Mandela Day 2016. She likes DIY, comics and punk rock.

Last week we featured the dope Boeta Phyf so be sure to go check out his piece and stay tuned for more cool stuff in this illustrated series.