As December approaches, one game has managed to stay under the radar with all this Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront commotion. We are here to expose it in all its fiery glory as we take you on a trip to a little Island of Medici, home of Rico Rodriguez. This is Just Cause 3.

Catch Up

Just Cause 3 is set several years after the events of Just Cause 2 which saw Rico take on the communist ruler Pandak Panay, who ruled over the island of Panau. His rule led the people of the island into great suffering as he brain washed them to believe in his ways and conform, or die.

In Just Cause 3, Rico returns home to the Medici and finds it under the control of a brutal dictator named General Di Ravello. Instead of aiming for national rule, Di Ravello plans on not only taking over the island, but the entire world. Rico has left his former employer, The Agency and now joins forces with the people of Medici to take down Di Ravello before he gets out of hand.

Bigger Explosions

The island of Medici is roughly the same size as Panau (1000 square kilometres), but instead is split up into 3 regions. Insula Fonte, Insula Dracon and Insula Striate

Insula Fonte: The Insula Fonte region is a medley of poor and rich towns demonstrating the diversity of people and the style of life in a land crumbling under the ruthless rule of General Di Ravello. Endless vibrant flower fields are a common sight as this region is known for its agricultural focus. But even in this rather rural area, Medicians know all too well that, “You can’t drive two minutes without seeing a soldier.

Insula Dracon: Besides its clear military and oil rig focus, the Insula Dracon region has more than meets the eye. Despite General Di Ravello’s efforts to eradicate all historical sites, you can come across some stunning classical ruins reminding the people of Medici of what used to be. This is also the place of many rebel bases hiding in old ships and forgotten corners of the region. If you want to get a taste for the local life, you can visit one of the many fishing towns that are sprinkled along the picturesque coastlines or go to the famous Church of Arco Sperantia that has drawn pilgrims from across the island.

Insula Striate: The Insula Striate region is the largest but also the most dangerous one. As the home of not only Di Ravello’s luxurious mansion but also of many mines rich in Bavarium, the miraculous ore that is key to the General’s plans for world domination, this region is heavily guarded. With 24/7 surveillance, no one is able to get in and out unnoticed. The region is dominated by the highest mountain in the whole of Medici. Not many people make it to its peak but those who do find the experience more than rewarding.

Online Leaderboards

Just Cause 3 will not feature a dedicated online mode, rather it will come with leaderboards support and online challenges which you can compete in and share your score with your friends. So think of Just Cause 3 as a single player experience in all its glory.

Rico Can Do It All

Rico will bring his A-Game in Just Cause 3 and if you are familiar with the tools he had in the past titles, then you will love what he has in Just Cause 3. Rico will have his old-school grappling hook which we used in the last game to send things flying by attaching them to gas canisters, and also took advantage of its pull force to fling us into the air and open our parachutes, gliding off into the distance.

In Just Cause 3 Rico will have an unlimited supply of the only explosive we ever used in the past games, the trusty C4. This means you can walk around and plant anything you can dream of with a stick of C4 and walk away with style as you trigger the explosion in the background.

Rico’s biggest new addition is his Wingsuit, which will allow him to glide across the island. By combining the wingsuit with the parachute and the grapple hook, you will be an unstoppable force of nature. Let us not forget the vast array of rocket-powered vehicles and over-powered weapons that Rico will have access to. Did I mention that mainly every object on the island of Medici is completely destructible? No, well watch this trailer.

Pre-Order Now

We are just a week away from the launch of Just Cause 3 which means you will need to pre-order your game today to secure day-one content. There is also a fancy Collector’s Edition which comes with the following:


  • The Day 1 Edition of Just Cause 3, which comes with three weaponized vehicles as DLC (the Mugello Delphino GLF, Urga Pocomaxa X4 and Kerner Serpente R12)
  • a physical 15″ Grapple Hook Replica
  • a 32-Page Artwork book
  • a 24″x24″ Poster Map of Medici, the main island location of the game
  • R1199

Just Cause 3 releases on 1 December 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.