Ever thought it was possible to race in a video game, and get the most authentic experience possible? Well the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel has set out to do just that. Create the most authentic racing experience possible, by using a racing wheel that goes beyond just a few turns, and rather feels pretty real. But the Logitech G29 has some stiff competition out there as there are a few other racing wheels that rival its R4999.99 price tag.

For those who own an Xbox One, the Logitech G29 is built for the PS4, and PS3. If you are looking for an Xbox One model, you would look into getting the Logitech G290, which is exactly the same, but just supports the Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Both the Logitech G29, and G290 are compatible with the PC. All you need is to download the software to get it going. You can also map buttons and configure certain setting using the PC software.

The Racing Wheel comes bundled with the racing pedal, the only thing that is sold separately is the six-speed transmission.


The key features on the G29 Racing Wheel is its 900-degree wheel rotation, helical geared force feedback, and its bundled 3-pedal base. On the front you will find the PlayStation logo, and all the buttons you will need to navigate through a game’s menu and start a race on any game. Once you have logged into the PS4 and assigned the wheel to your profile, you can put the DualShock 4 down as the wheel as every button you could ever need. There are 13 buttons in total, this means that the entire DualShock 4 has been mapped onto it, leaving out the analogue movements. There is also an additional light bar at the top of the centre of the wheel which indicates your revs from green to red. This is perfect for those who are playing manual races and need to change gears using the gear switches at the back of the wheel.


The wheel looks great, it has a sports car design with a hand-stitched genuine leather wrapping over the steering wheel. You can smell the leather and feel the texture as your hold it, it is truly a fantastic piece of gear. Probably beating some car’s steering wheels that we see today. Under all that leather is an aluminium shell that gives the wheel its toughness. At the top of the wheel there is also a blue brushed steel ring that shows the wheel’s orientation. This is nice for direction and keeping track of the angle of your wheel. The wheel is 27cm in diameter which makes it a fairly decent size for any gamer.

For mounting purposes there are two dials on the left and right of the device. These turn and open up clamps underneath that can be placed on a table’s edge. They do not open that wide, but chances are you will be able to get it clamped onto your table. Underneath the device you will find a space to store your wires that come with it, as well as indents where you can neatly place them into for all those OCD moments, trust me I have many.

Then we have the 3-pedal board that comes bundled with the steering wheel. The board has been designed to be extremely accurate in terms of shape and pressure. You can really feel this when accelerating and braking. Talking about braking, the hard brake pedal has a dampening feel to it, so you can ease into a brake rather than it just feeling like a simple button attached to a brake pedal.


The pedals are also sturdy with a brushed steel look, and they make next to no noise and squeaking when pushing them in and out. Which is a blessing for those who are worried about losing the authentic feel due to cheap design sounds. Underneath the pedals you will also find a layer of plastic spikes that can be pulled out and pushed in for grip on carpets and other flooring. This prevents it from moving when pushing in the pedals and braking.

Under The Hood

The G29 boasts a 900-degree motor so it is as realistic as could be. The force feedback is also the device’s biggest selling point as it really immerses you into the race. I played DriveClub with vibration and force feedback on 100% and it reached a stage where my hands were sore from the vibration that I had to endure. Saying that, it was a great experience as the information that is transmitted through the wheel really adds to any racing game. The feeling of over-steering, bashing into corners, and even the track’s terrain are all transferred to the wheel’s force feedback, giving the player an authentic experience across the board.

What is even better is that the force feedback adjusts to your vehicle too. This means that driving a car with different power steering strengths will also have an impact on the wheel. Getting into a vintage car with no power steering will definitely have an authentic feel compared to getting into a sports car.


One thing I did notice was that the wheel was loud. When hitting barriers and cars, the sounds emitting from Force Feedback would be a bit distracting. That being said, I played with my PlayStation Wireless Headset 2.0, so it was blocked out by the headset, but for those who are relying on surround sound system, I would suggest you turn up the volume a bit to avoid having to hear the noises and sounds from the wheel.


The Logitech G29 is a great wheel for anyone who does not own a racing wheel and wants to get into racing off the controller. Although it is very similar to the G27, it has been built for the current generation and its design is sturdy and practical, making it an investment rather than a simple additional piece of hardware. Two games on the PS4 are optimised for the wheel, namely DriveClub and Project CARS, but we are sure to have more in the coming months as the new Need for Speed and Gran Tourismo Sport hit shelves.

The hardware has very little disadvantages to it, it has everything you need right on the wheel, and it looks and feels like a premium product. It does get a bit loud, but it is really not the end of the world and can be worked around. It feels like a luxury piece of equipment and comes with a R4 999.99 price tag. This is definitely for every die-hard racing fan out there as well as for those who has not bought a new racing wheel in a couple of years.

Logitech G29 Racing Wheel Review - A New Way To Race
Great DesignPremium Look and Feel
Motor is a bit noisy Somewhat expensive
Design 90%
Value for Money83%
Reader Rating 1 Vote