Rolling in money? Do you fear the end of the world due to a zombie outbreak or nuclear apocalypse? Then you should buy this house/ luxury underground bunker. With all this Fallout 4 that I have been dealing with, I would definitely spend money on this the first chance I got.

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Situated at 123 Private Drive in Tifton, Georgia, United States. This underground bunker can:

  • withstand a 20,000 kiloton nuclear blast,
  • has 3-ft (90CM) thick walls,
  • 4000-6000PSI hardened concrete, decontamination showers, and
  • secure air intake.

The unit sleeps 13, with 5 staff bedrooms, for all those people who will slave after you once the end hits, and it even has its own cinema. For those who will want to practice their zombie headshot kills, there is a 100 yard firing range just outdoors.

When buying the house above ground, you get the underground bunker too, so you can live above ground till the problems start arising. We just need this bunker in South Africa just to get away from the everyday life of crime, never mind an impending nuclear fallout. You can schedule a private showing now, if you are in the neighbourhood.