Guys, South Africa’s summer is taking it’s toll and if you, like us, just feel like chilling in front of a screen then you’re in luck as we’ve put together a list of movies that can help you do just that:

Ster-Kinekor and NuMetro Cinemas


Blinky Bill

Our beloved anthropomorphic koala, Blinky Bill, made it onto the big screens. In this animation adventure Blinky Bill sets out to track down his father, Mr Bill who went missing while exploring the Australian outback. Your kids are sure love this sweet and heartwarming story and you might just feel a little nostalgic if you grew up with the beloved character.

The Loft

This suspense about affairs, betrayal, desire and over-indulgence is sure to keep you on your toes up until the final credits. A bunch of guys buy a loft to have all of their unfulfilled fantasies and desires come true. When a girl is murdered in the loft, their plan falls apart and they soon have to question everything they believed in as one of the members has to be the murderer, but who?

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Mr Holmes

Mr. Holmes follows the life of renowned detective Sherlock Holmes (portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen) who is now retired. However, his peaceful retirement is disturbed by a cold case that came across his path more than 50-years ago.