This week has been a great week for gaming especially if you’re an Xbox One owner. Fallout 4 is out and runs beautifully on the console, Rise of the Tomb Raider releases tomorrow, and today the Xbox One will get the much-anticipated NXOE (New Xbox One Experience), along with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

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Starting around 10:00 am this morning, Microsoft started the rollout of the update around the world. This means that we should get this as soon as it hits local territory. The best thing to do is to leave your console in “Instant On” mode, this will allow it to download the update in the background in case you are not around your console to manually start the update.

New Xbox One DashboardWe received the update as part of the Preview Program, and it weighs in at 3.4GB. This is a pretty bulky update compared to the normal 250MB updates. It’s been revealed that the normal update, for users who are not part of the preview program, will weigh in at 1.2 GB.

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As for backwards compatibility, this feature will rollout around 10:00 pm tonight, 1 hours after the rollout of the new Dashboard. This means that your Games and Apps section will start filling up with any titles you own digitally, and these will appear under your “Collection” tab ready to download. As for disc based titles, you will need to insert one of the 104 compatible games into your console, this will then trigger the download of the Xbox One compatible version via the Xbox Store. Keep in mind that you will need to insert the disc every time you want to play this title. Digitally owned games can be playable at any time.

New Xbox One Dashboard

This new update brings with it 50% faster UI navigation, a less cluttered overlay, quicker navigation tools and options, and of course, the support of Xbox 360 games. We recently covered what games will be supported today, and the list is pretty big. Microsoft does plan on releasing more titles as the months go on, but 104 titles on launch day is pretty impressive.

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