Nintendo announced a while back that it would be releasing 5 mobile in the near future. One of these have been revealed and it is called Miitomo. The app that has been described as a “free to start” app, offers players the opportunity to make Mii avatars that have previously been exclusive to the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

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The app will go hand-in-hand with Nintendo’s new My Nintendo membership service, and it will be used to push forward the service at the same time. The concept goes that after you have created your Mii, you will then be asked a series of questions that will then be shared amongst any registered friends on the system. The friend system has been said to be extremely “comfortable and secure”, and follows Nintendo’s family friendly nature.


The app might not be the portable Mario game that we have all be wishing for, as it targets a more social audience than anything else. It actually has very little to do with gaming at all, but promises to connect a wider audience looking for a social experience rather than a gaming one. Whoever these people are, we have no idea, but the app seems to have a plan up its sleeve as it is said to tie into the other apps releases next year, as well as Nintendo’s new console that has been rumoured to be a portable hybrid.