Rayman is 20 this year, which is pretty old given that I used to play all the Rayman games growing up. It has been a fantastic 20 years for Ubisoft as Rayman has become a staple mascot in the industry. To celebrate the birthday of the series, Ubisoft put together this fairly large infographic showcasing the series’ greatest triumphs. Some of these triumphs include 28 million copies sold, and being at the top of the best-selling games in the UK for a total of 261 weeks. Check out the gigantic, yet vibrant infographic at this link. Yes, it is way to large to upload.

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Ubisoft also announced that the highly anticipated mobile game, Rayman Adventures, will hit iOS on 3 December. The game is already out on Apple TV, and it marks a brand new graphical benchmark on iOS devices as it boasts a “console quality” visual art style. Here is a trailer of the game showcasing its unique art style.