We have spent the entire weekend playing Star Wars: Battlefront and we have learnt a thing or two on how to master The Force within. If you do not know, Star Wars: Battlefront is a massive online shooter that takes place in the Star Wars universe. The game is kind of like Dice’s Battlefield franchise, but with Lightsabers and X-Wings. The game is pretty great, and there are countless modes and maps to play in, with certain modes hitting a massive 40 player count.

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Save Your Credits

Right off the bat it is important to remember that your credits are the main currency in the game, and it takes a while to earn them. This means that you should try to save them instead of spending them recklessly. Instead of purchasing a cheap gun or sidearm, rather save up and buy a more expensive unlockable, it will help in the long run as many of the guns are pretty weak compared to the starter guns.

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The Starter Guns

Many of the guns you start with, are much stronger and easier to work with than the ones you actually unlock. This concept carries on throughout the game as many of the unlockable weapons, which need to be unlocked with credits, have certain advantages and disadvantages in certain maps and game modes. The starter weapons are pretty rounded in charge and range, making them ideal for any situation.

Remember Your Partner

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When playing a match in Star Wars: Battlefront, you will often be given a partner, if you are not playing online with a friend already. This partner is vital to the way you approach an objective as often you will die, and then you will have the ability to spawn next to your partner on the map. This comes in handy when you are playing Walker Assault which pits you against the other team on a massive map. In this mode you spend most of your time sprinting from your spawn point to the objective, just to die again and do it all over again. With a partner you will cut down the sprinting time with the ability to spawn next to them.

Remember Your Missions

While playing an average match in Star Wars: Battlefront, you will have a few objectives that need to be met as a side mission on your personal stat page. These missions range from killing a certain amount of enemies, to winning a set number of matches in a certain game mode. Whatever they are, try to complete them as they will help you earn a chunk of credit to use towards unlocking new gear and character customizations.

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Choose Your Modes Wisely

There is no doubt that Star Wars: Battlefront has a huge array of modes to play, but out of them all, the most XP and credit earning modes are Supremacy and Walker Assault. Both of these modes have 20 versus 20 on a massive map where players just need to bring their best and destroy their opponents to reach certain objectives. This means that your death means very little as long as you contribute to your objective. You can just run around and kill dozens of enemies without worrying about your team’s score limit. These modes also last the longest so you will have extra time to rack up credits and XP if you stick to these modes

Power Ups

Whenever you see a blue floating disc in the air, always pick it up. This is a power up that will enable a one-time use of an item, or it will trigger the ability to enter a F-Wing or an AT-ST. These abilities and vehicles are so much fun to use and really impact the flow of battle. The abilities range from a shield that protects you and your team mates, to an orbital strike that fires missiles from the sky on a group of enemies.

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