Many immigrants move to New York to pursue the American Dream from all over the world. A lot of these people can’t understand or speak any English which can be very difficult as they can’t find work, make friends or use basic services like public transport.

But now a program developed by the State of New York is helping people learn English via phone calls and text messages. This new system helps those who are unable to attend classes and is simple enough to use as you don’t need a smartphone to run apps or a program.

How It Works

Users sign up and call a number to listen to a recorded English lesson. They are then asked a few questions about the lesson which are answered via text messages to test their knowledge.

If users get the answers wrong a tutor phones to help explain the lesson to you.

The lessons are aimed to get users to pass the English requirement for the naturalisation exam when they apply for citizenship.

The State of New York is offering Level I and Level II lesson and a citizenship class as well, with each level taking about 25 hours to finish.

The program is free of charge and users only have to pay their phone bills.

The program is currently offered to 300 Spanish speaking people and will be extended next year.