Whether you are playing on iOS or Android, iPhone or Tablet, these are the best mobile games on the market for your devices. They offer more variety that a simple match-3 game, and they promise to keep you busy for hours.

NBA 2K16 – Android | iOS


Featuring three game modes including season, blacktop, and career, NBA 2K16 on your mobile is the closest thing you will get to playing the best video game basketball franchise in the world. The game has received a few changes since last year’s release like updated rosters and virtual currency. You an download NBA 2K16 on Android and iOS today.

The Onion Knights – Android


Onion Knights is a cute tower defence game that sees you defending off waves of forces that are trying top break into you castle. You choose from a variety of heroes with their own unique skills set and combine them to keep the assault at bay. There are over 160 levels to play through, plus way more coming soon. The game is now out on Android and will release soon on iOS

Minecraft: Story Mode – Android | iOS


Minecraft fans all around the world will feel right at home with this title, but for those who have no clue what Minecraft is, this game will give you a little backstory into the franchise. Developed by Telltale, the game stays true to the studio’s decision making and the ability to play through it a couple of times to get multiple endings.

Need for Speed: No Limits – Android | iOS

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Released alongside their console title, Need for Speed: No Limits is one of the best racers on mobile to date. It is free to play with some additional purchases in game. When you are not racing through the streets, you can sit back and build you dream machi9ne using the game’s customisation system, or you an just jump straight int the action in a Porsche 911.

Eternity Warriors 3 – Android | iOS

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If you are looking for a game that brings out the RPG-holic in you, the Eternity Warriors 3 is the thing. The game’s hack and slash feel and deep customization makes it the perfect blend between Kingdoms of Amalur, and Diablo III. If you want to see how you compete against other players around the world, you can jump into the PvP mode and test your skills.

Lara Croft GO –Android | iOS


Similar to that hit title Hitman GO that released eerlie this year, Lara Croft GO is a Tomb Raider game at heart, but it is more pule driven that anything else. You will control Lara as she needs to use her wit and puzzle solving skills to complete 75 puzzles in tombs scattered around the world.

Star Wars: Uprising – Android | iOS


We are Star Wars mad here at Pixel Vulture ans Star Wars: Uprising bridges the gap between Episode Vi and the upcoming Episode VII. The game mixes hack and slash with some RPG elements and there is even a co-op mode if you want to pay with a friend. If you are crazy about Star Wars like we are, then you have to download this game.

The Room Three – iOS

The Room Three

Although only available on iOS, The Room Three is one of the greatest puzzle games to ever grace the platform. It makes full se of Apple’s Metal Engine, which brings out the beautiful set pieces in the game as you solve puzzles in the most stylish and dare I say, Steampunk way possible. The game has zero in game purchases, so you just need to pay for it once, and enjoy it forever.

Prune – Android | iOS


A simple yet wonderful title. Prune is all about keeping your tree safe by avoiding the harshness of the outside world. You are given a tree which you need to cultivate and look after. Trim its branches and make sure it blooms when it hits the sun, once your tree is full grown, you then pass the level. It may sound simple, but there is so much more it than that, and the soothing sounds of chimes and nature all play in the background as you explore your tree.