There are pieces of tech out there that change our lives and we really cannot live without them. But there are some expensive pieces of tech that might have had good intentions when production started, but they just ended up as over-priced and irrelevant. Here are some pieces of tech that are better left for the millionaires.

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Crystal iPhone Docking Station – $500 (R7,195)


Just when you thought your docking station was the best, think again. This iPhone docking station is made up of crystal in the front, and painted with platinum around the sides. It is functional as it has a dock for an older generation iPhone – the ones with the 32 pin charger. You can however use a converter to make it work with a new device. Otherwise there is really nothing else special about it, it is a dock, and it is made of crystal. Did I mention it was over R7000?

Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife USB – $3,000 (R43,165)


Although we cannot walk around an airport with an actual Swiss knife, this USB version is completely safe, but if you get stopped by security don’t say we did not warn you. This USB packs a 1TB storage space, and can be detached from the holder if you wish. Oh, it also costs over R40,000.

Kohler Numi Toilet – $6,700 (R96,402)


The Kohler Numi toilet seat is fully automated , so you never have to touch it with your hands, ever. You get a fancy touch screen remote with it that is your main control over the toilet. The toilet has heated seats, LEDs, speakers, and even a heated mat that will keep your feet warm during winter. It is like R2-D2, but in a more toilet way, and it costs just under R100K.

MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation – $45,000 (R647,4791)


The MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation packs three 24-inch touch screen monitors, a hand stitched leather seat, and it is all adjustable to your comfort level. There are a few other features like a comfortable hand rest and USB ports a arm’s reach away, but it costs R650,000.

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Megatrend MKIII Speakers – $80,000 (R1,151,0740)

FastPartner AB

Sitting at 7ft tall and 3ft wide, this creation is the ultimate in speakers. It comes in a Glossy Black Piano Finish, and the speakers are carefully crafted to perfection. The sound system can output a whopping 129dB at 4,800W.