Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Mega, what do they all mean? What do they all offer apart from uploading some file to the net and storing it on a server that can be accessed from wherever you are? Luckily I have some history with a few cloud storage services, and I can tell you which one is which, and who is the best out of them all:



Free Account: 2Gb

1Tb: R111.99 per month

500MB: Free for every new referral sign up

Dropbox was probably the fist independent cloud storage service to become a hit. They have apps that can be downloaded on every platform, and their service can be accessed through the any web browser. If you instal the client on your PC, then it will create a local folder on your PC that will sync to your online account. This means that whenever you drop a file into it, it will upload and be accessible offline and online.

You can also share folders and files with friends using read-only links. You can also share links that expire and require passwords to access.

In a nutshell, Dropbox offers the widest variety of support across the most platforms, supporting Linux and Blackberry too, where many services fail to do.




Free Account: 15GB | 5Gb from 2016

50GB: R27.99 per month

1TB (requires Office 365 Subscription): R749.99 per year

OneDrive works hand-in-hand with Windows 8 and up, there is a folder that is built into the OS that can be used to upload files and anything really to your drive. It is as simple as copying and pasting a file into this OneDrive folder and it will upload to your cloud.

OneDrive is also available on iPhone, Android, and of course, Windows Phone. You can also access the service through any web browser. The nice thing about this, is that many people have a Microsoft Account, which means that you automatically get the service as a bonus.

Extra features are offered for any documents that require any Microsoft Office programs. You will be able to edit these on your OneDrive and save them.

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Google Drive


Free Account: 15GB

100GB: R27.99

1TB: R139.99

10TB: R1395.99

Google Drive works the same way that OneDrive works, if you have a Gmail account, then you automatically get given 15GB of storage space to make use of. The Google Drive service spans across all Google’s services, including Gmail, and Android. This means that if you have an Android device and set it to automatically upload photos, this will take up space on your drive.

Google Drive also supports a local folder on your desktop that will be linked to your cloud account to auto upload any added files.



Free Account: 50GB

500GB: R1515.00

Out of all the cloud serviced, the Mega cloud service offers the best in terms of free account storage space with a whopping 50GB. You upload files on the website, or on the dedicated Windows program. You can then share files with friends by sending them an initiation to access a file. You can also make links public for anyone to access.



Free account: 5GB

50GB: R14.99 per month

200GB: R44.99 per Month

1Tb: R149.99 per month


Apple’s iCloud service was not very appealing last year as it locked out anyone who did not have an iPhone or Mac. They have since sorted this out by allowing anyone to access this service thanks to the web based feature, and Windows program. Although its storage space is a bit small, and when owning an iPhone, this can be filled up quite quickly, it seems that Apple will soon improve on the service by adding in more ways to integrate it into third party apps.

There is also a feature to create a Keynote, or any other form of document, on one device, and it will edit it on another using the iDrive Handoff feature. This lets you seamlessly work across your Apple devices.

Who is the best?

If we had to look at who offers the best storage and features, I would have to go with Mega. Its 50GB storage plan for free users is enough to get people on board already. Sure it needs a separate program if you want automatic uploads to occur on Windows, but it is a small price to pay for a larger storage space. Mega also has plans to roll out its own email clients, video and voice calls, and IM service in 2016.