There is a brand new way to listen to music. In the pool, on a surfboard, or while kicking a soccer ball across the field. This is the idea behind the brand new Ultimate Ears range – a range of speakers that have been designed to be life proof.

UE Ultimate Ears

We attended the launch for the product range at the Orlando Towers in Soweto. We were greeted by a crazy and wild atmosphere where we tossed Holi-One powder at each other, and some people even had the guts to make it to the top and bungee jump off. The idea behind the launch was to celebrate how easy it is to integrate these new portable speakers into your active lifestyle. They are water and shock proof making them basically the only speakers you can take outside and do whatever you want and have the joy of playing your music all at the same time.


The sound quality is fantastic, and somehow they are still able to output great sound and not let a single drop of water enter them. They are also light and have a rubber texture that allows for better grip on them, when you are holding them while skating or just fooling around. Each 0f the new UE speakers boast an IPX7 rating which means they are stain resistant, waterproof and shockproof.

But this range offers more than simple durable speakers, as each of them have their own unique look and features. There is also a dedicated mobile app that has been designed for iOS and Android which gives you new ways to control your speaker. They can control the volume and music controls, as well as update the speaker’s software straight from the app. In the coming months, the app will allow users to connect more UE speakers to one app, creating the ultimate party.IMG_6063The new Ultimate Ears range comes in three models:

UE Megaboom

With 360-degree sound and superb bass, the UE Megaboom packs more than just great sound with an IPX7 rating making it stain resistant as well as waterproof. The UE Megaboom can be immersed in liquid up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The UE Megaboom weighs less than 2 pounds, which is less than a kilogram. It has a 20-hour rechargeable battery as well as a 30-meter wireless Bluetooth range.


General Mangager of Ultimate years, Rory Dooley explains:
People want their music wherever they go, and to be part of everything they do. That’s why we designed UE Megaboom to be strong enough towithstand your life and your adventures, and allow you to share the magic of music wherever you go.
Recommended retail price – R4999.00

UE Roll

The UE Roll is the lowest of the range, but that does mean it is the least feature-packed of them all. It is made to be taken everywhere with you; whether you are bungee jumping, or parasailing through the air. It comes with a firm strap on it that lets you connect it to almost any piece of clothing or bag. Its 20-meter Bluetooth range lets you keep the music playing while you are busy moving. It also boast a 360-degree surround sound feature that further enhances your music.
Music is made for sharing, connecting and enjoying. It transforms moments into something special, and we designed UE Roll to be part of those moments. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, UE Roll is there to amplify any experience. It comes in a Pinata, Volcano, and Reef colour schemes.
Recommended retail price – R2 500.00

UE Boom 2

The mid-ranged speaker from the new UE collection has everything that makes the new range so unique. It has a 15-hour battery life, 30-meter Bluetooth range, and full 360-degree sound. It is the closest thing to the Megaboom, but a bit smaller. Its highlight feature is its 1.5 meter drop-proof encasing, making it sturdy and practical for every situation.
Boom 2
Music is about making good moment’s great moments. And by taking your music with you, those great moments are now shareable, anywhere. That’s why every speaker Ultimate Ears designs is durable and adventure-proof with 360-degree sound, including UE Boom 2. We’ve been leading the category in a new direction, and we’re breaking the mould yet again with UE Boom 2.
Recommended retail price – R2 500.00