Blizzard Entertainment has a brand new first person shooter called Overwatch, and it is currently in closed beta. We decided to take our brand new MSI GeForce GTX 970 OC Edition for a spin and record some gameplay for you using Nvidia’s ShadowPlay feature. This video is recorded in full HD and at 60 frames per second.


As you can see a typical match of Overwatch sees one team protect an area from the opposing team. I am pretty sure that there will be tons of other modes when the game launches, but in the beta, we played this match mode. First thing you probably noticed is that instead of waiting in a lobby for the servers to fill up, you rather get placed in a map and you can walk around and kill other players while you wait for the matchmaking to complete. Once this is done you then get moved into a new map where the match will begin.


The best thing about the game has to be its wide range of playable characters, and instead of limiting each team to one of each of the playable characters, your team can be made up of a couple of the same characters if you wish. The game however does recommend certain classes as each character has a role, ie Offense, Defence, Support, and Tank. If your team does not have any characters of a certain class, then you can continue into the match, but the game will let you know that it is recommended that someone chooses a different character for example.


It’s difficult to choose a favourite because each of the characters are so unique in their own way, and not one character feels like the other at all. It also depends on your play style. I could not play with Hanzo, a Defence Assassin who wields a bow, but I slayed with Reaper, an awesome death-inspired mercenary. Reinhardt was my favourite though as he is a tank that can withstand quite a bit of damage, he can also pull up a shield that absorbs damage and protects anyone behind it. He then charges ahead in a straight line and kills anyone who gets caught in the charge.

Another great aspect of the game is the level of design. One map called King’s Row takes you into a futuristic London where the London Buses had hover wheels instead of rubber ones. There was also a map called Hanamura that was full of Japanese cherry blossoms on one end, and a quirky city on the other end. The attention to detail clearly shows in every aspect of the game, whether it is on the main menu or in a match. You can see for yourself in the video that it is more than just a flashy FPS, rather a stunning and intense experience. Typical Blizzard if you ask me.

Overwatch does not have a release date at the moment, but if the beta is anything to go by – the game runs extremely well – we could see it soon. It is also only planned for a PC release right now.