Privacy has become one of the main concerns in our modern connected life. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have taught us that we might not be as secure online as we use to think. But according to a hacker who was recently interviewed by WhatMobile had some pretty interesting insights as an expert in the industry. Among some of the most profound statements made by the interviewed hacker known as Steve Lord is that Windows Phone may have the most secure operating system among the smartphone, stating that:

Currently Windows Phone seems to be the hardest nut to crack.


Second best is BlackBerry, then iPhone and then Android comes last with Steve Lord describing Android software as a “soft target” for hackers.

Steve Lord is usually hired by big corporate companies to break into their systems to identify security flaws which could be used by cyber criminals. Steve Lord explains:

I’ll be given a target by a customer, it could be a website, a mobile phone. I write reports on how to fix problems. Often the most serious vulnerabilities are those that affect the underlying business, and they’re usually the ones that need the most support.

Edward Snowden and Steve Lord highlight how easy it is for the government or individuals to target you and hack into any device you own. This is super scary as every aspect of our lives are now essentially digitized and if someone were to take control of a device they have the potential of uncovering a lot more about ourselves than we might be willing to share.

Steve Lord’s further advice to keep your personal information more secure:

Make sure your phone has the latest updates. Don’t put anything on it you wouldn’t want to see all over the Internet . Don’t jailbreak or root your phone. Never install apps from outside of your phone’s app store.