We’ve spent the last few days using the Xbox One Elite Controller and it is pretty decent device. But if you had to look at the other options on the market when it comes to pro controllers and pro accessories for your controller, what is the closest competition?

We decided to take a look at the Scuf Controller, the standard Xbox One Controller, and a few accessories that you can get hold of that might be the closest thing to replicating the controller without laying out the initial outlay.

It is important to know that the Xbox One Elite Controller is and what it comes with. That way when comparing it, you can directly distinguish the features.

Xbox One Elite Controller

The Xbox One Elite Controller is more than just a standard controller. It comes with detachable analogue sticks, 4 back pedals, 2 modifiable pre-sets, completely remap-able controls, tow hair trigger pre-sets, and a detachable D-Pad.

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If you wanted to go into detail, the Elite Controller is basically an Xbox One controller, but everything that makes your standard Xbox One controller special, the Elite Controller emphasises on it. You can assign buttons to the pedals on the fly using the built-in Xbox One Accessories App, you can replace the analogues with the three sets by just removing them and placing the new ones in, and you can remap the entire button layout to the extreme, and save it in one of the 2 save slots.


Its closest competitor in terms of a full controller, are the Scuf controllers. Evopoints are the only reseller of Scuf in South Africa so let’s take a look at what the Scuf controller offers.

Scuf One COD: AW – R1 949.00


The starting price of a Scuf controller is R1 949, and that includes the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare controller. This controller comes with an adjustable trigger and stop mechanism, allowing you to shorten the time it takes to press down the RT button. The same as the hair trigger switch found on the Xbox One Elite Controller. This version does not have a rubber grip either, so it is basically the end of range.

This controller cannot be re-mapped using EMR (Electro-magnetic Remapping), rather if you want to have the paddles re-mapped, you have to send in your controller to Scuf themselves and they do it for you.

Scuf One FPS – R2 099.00


When you take a step up and look at the next model in the range, the Scuf One FPS, it has a couple of advantages over the Scuf One COD: AW model. It has 2 paddles, which are the same, but it also has a concaved left stick, and a domed right stick. This model comes packed with the Scuf Grip too. Again, this model cannot be re-mapped without being sent in.

Scuf One Ying Yang – R3 099.00


When looking at the top of the range, available locally, the Scuf One Ying Yang is the closest competitor to the Xbox One Elite Controller. Out of all the devices, this is the only one to feature 4 paddles, but again no EMR in this model. The only hardware advantage this model has are the additional 2 paddles.

Scuf Infinity1 – $150 (about R2 655.00)


The Scuf Infinity1 is a bit hard to price right now as it is not available locally. The controller is probably the closest match to the Xbox One Elite Controller than anything Scuf has ever produced. It is the only device that can be re-mapped, but only the paddles, it also has interchangeable analogue sticks, and an attachable Control Disc that gets placed over your D-Pad. The controller is full customisable in terms of colour both for the encasing and buttons, but this all costs extra.

There are a few other Scuf controllers in the range, but they do not offer any additional features, rather they have different analogues and come in different colours. Let us take a look at the controllers compared to each other and the Xbox One Elite Controller

 Paddles Adjustable Triggers  Replaceable Analogues Re-Mapping Replaceable D-Pad   


Xbox One Elite   4 Yes  Yes Yes (Buttons+Paddles) Yes 2  R2800.00
 Scuf One COD:AW  2  Yes  No  No No 0  R1949.00
 Scuf One FPS  2  Yes  No  No No 0  R2099.00
 Scuf One Ying Yang  2  Yes  No  No No 0  R3099.00
 Scuf Infinity1 4  Yes Yes  Yes (Paddles) Yes (Control Disc) 0  R2655.00



There is another option on the market for those who want to keep their current controllers, but also want to improve their precision of their analogues. This is where the Kontrolfreeks come in. These attachable analogue sticks are all about improving precision by increasing the height of your analogue. They basically attach to the top of your analogue and provide the extra height the replicates the highest analogue offering on the Xbox One Elite controller and on the Scuf One. These Kontrolfreeks range from R199 to R399 respectively.

KontrolFreek Gamerpack – R399.00


This pack comes with 4 attachable analogues, these increase your thumbsticks slightly by 10.4 mm. This improves on your precision and control over any game. It improves accuracy while aiming, increases +118% range of motion for max control, has a concave pad for enhanced comfort, and laser-etched patters for better grip.


Compared to the Xbox One Elite Controller’s analogues, these attachments might have the upper hand as the grips on them are better, but in terms of quality, the Xbox One Elite Controller boasts a steel shaft around it, preventing any damage and providing a smoother contact surface.


It seems that Microsoft have really developed a rather tough competitor when it comes to what else is on the market. The Xbox One Elite Controller beats every device Scuf has to offer by a landslide in terms of features and additional attachments. Sure you cannot get it in any other colour than black, whereas with Scuf you can customise your controller to your own liking. We are still in the process of reviewing the Xbox One Elite Controller, so stay tuned for more coverage and a final review soon.