Astro A40 Vs Astro A50, which one is better?

If you are in the market for a new headset, then we are playing around with two Astro headsets that we have fallen in love with.

The Astro A40 is the wired headset that we had hands on with last week, but we have been playing around with the top of the range, Astro A50s and we want to fill you in on the difference between the two headsets.

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Astro A40 v A50

Technical Specs

 Feature Astro A50 Astro A40
 Wired/Wireless Wireless Wired
 Dolby Digital 7.1 Yes Yes
MixAmps Internal (in ear piece) External
Support Windows, PS3, PS4, Mac  Windows, PS3, PS4, Mac
 Mic Permanent Interchangable
Wieght 364g 324g
Power Supply Built-in Li Ion up to 10 hours Power required

Wired or Wireless

This is all personal preference.

I prefer wireless, especially when it comes down to the Astros as the Astro A40 has quite a bit of wire needed to get optimal sound quality on the device. You have the optic cable, the auxiliary cable and, and the power cable.

Keep in mind that all this needs to be nearby as the headset needs to be connected to the MixAmp in order for it get optimal sound. So, you will probably have a box with a ton of cables coming out of it nearby at all times.

Astro A40 v A50

The Astro A50 on the other hand comes with a neat holder that keeps the wireless emitter in place. All the wires run out the back of it down to the console or device you plug it into. It’s a neater setup but that also means that you have less control over the game/voice control as it’s situated on the outside of the headphone rather than a nob on the MixAmp. It also means that you need to take into account the battery power of your device and the fact that it might run dry during the middle of your game session.

Again, wired versus wireless is all about personal preference.

It’s important to note that the Astro A50s cannot be connected to any device by just using the Aux cable like most wireless headsets. You need to have it connected to the wireless base and link it up from there. You cannot use these on your phone for a music headphone replacement.

Which is more powerful?

This is a particularly important feature to take note of as they are both extremely powerful speakers.

Both headsets have 40mm drivers in them and they can both output Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for all your best gaming needs. Really, there is nothing like playing a game that has great sound effects with awesome speakers. The sound from both the Astro A40 and the A50s is phenomenal, and the virtual surround sound on both headsets enhance the immersion in games.

Astro A40 v A50

When talking about the power of the headsets, they are exactly the same, the only difference could be the noise cancellation that they provide. By default they both ship with foam ear pads, the A50s cannot get these changed, but you can however change the A40s by purchasing a Mod Kit.


If you had to take the headset design into account, they are both similar and different at the same time. The A40s has a glossy plastic on it that shines and looks pretty great. The ear pads are foam, but this can be replaced with leather ones, and the head support is foam too, again replaceable. The A50 has a rubber like material on it that avoids scratches ad dust, the ear pads and head support are foam, and cannot be changed.

Astro A40 v A50

When looking at the switches on the devices, the A40 is controlled by the MixAmp, and has no extra buttons or switches on the device. The A50s has the charger hole, the game/voice toggle, the volume dial, and the power and pre-set switches. So you will basically be feeling around on the headset for some time getting used to each knob and button.

The design of each one is what you would expect from them, there is really nothing questionable about a placement of a button or a switch, it all looks and feels right.

The MixAmp

The MixAmp, the device that powers the headsets, is truly remarkable. I found myself using it for things I never thought I would. It’s the driving force behind the sound and the headset’s versatility. This especially goes for the Astor A40s as the MixAmp provided countless setups for gaming, recording, streaming, and linking up multiple headsets to one device. You can even use the MixAmp on the A40s as a sound card for your PC at the same time.

Astro A40

In the end the Astro A50 is limited in that regard as the MixAmp is internal and has little workarounds to provide different setups when gaming and streaming.

Astro A40’s Stand Out Features

When comparing the biggest features of the two headsets we have to take into account the exclusive tech specs that each one offers. The Astro A40s has a great customizable feature that lets you purchase Mod Kits at R1000 each, that turn your headset into a whole new visual experience. We can only hope that these Mod Kits become a trend and actually have various releases in the future as now there are only 2 sets, a green neon one, and a Black Ops III one.

Astro A40

Astro A50’s Stand Out Features

There is no doubt about it, the best feature from the Astro A50s is the wireless functionality. The battery is awesome and lasts around 8-10 hours depending on your volume.

Another big feature is the 5.8Ghz wireless frequency that this headset runs on. This means that if you are into heavy eSports, you will get very little interference from other devices around you.

Astro A40 v A50

The same but different

Differences aside, they have pretty much the same features in common when it comes to sound quality and voice. They both have Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound and noise cancellation mics, as well as the ability to plug into your PC and adjust different equalizers for optimal gaming.

Astro A40 v A50

In the end it’s all about personal preference over wireless and wired. The A40s being the wired ones have some disadvantages like messy setups, but the wireless A50s lack the awesome MixAmp. You need to weigh all the above up before deciding on the model to get.