We’ve spent some time using the Astro A40 headset and MixAmp and here are our thoughts:


Feature Astro A40
 Wired/Wireless Wired
 Dolby Digital 7.1 Yes
MixAmps External
Support  Windows, PS3, PS4, Mac
 Mic Interchangable
Wieght 324g
Power Supply Power required


The A40s are the complete opposite of sleek and light, they weigh quite a but and are clunky thanks to their large ear pads and thick head support, but this is not a bad thing as they fit nicely and feel just right when wearing them.

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The headphones turn at a 90-degree angle so they sit flat on your chest when wearing them around your neck. It has one aux port that connects to the MixAmp or another audio device like your cell phone or DualShock 4.

One of the A40’s major features is its ability to be customised to your liking. This means that you can buy a ModKit and replace the head support, the detachable mic and the ear pads, with cooler looking attachments.

Astro A40

The A40 is wired and there is no getting around that. It also requires quite the number of wires to get optimal sound quality out of the device.

The MixAmp is its core functioning hub. Here you would link up other headsets, connect it to the Optical port of your PS4 and power the device from your PC USB port. The MixAmp has all the ports you could ever wish for when using a pro headset, and its allows for even more connectivity if you now just how to use it

Astro A40

The headset also moves in all the right ways. The shafts on the sides slide up and down with ease to adjust the height of them, the are also made from steel to avoid  any sort of breakage that usually occurs when adjusting headphones.


The A40s are designed to output a virtual Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 when connected to the MixAmp. And they do just that.

When using them on the PC, all you need to do is plug them into a USB port and switch over to PC mode by holding down the power button on the MixAmp. This process is easy to setup, besides the meters of cable. When connected to the PC, you can then launch the Astro Command Centre that lets you modify the headset from its equalizer, to its noise cancellation on the mic.

If you are at home, there is a setting for the mic that will optimize your voice and eliminate background noise to a certain extent. If you are in a stadium, there is an option there too.

Astro A40

The headset has some decent volume and all its sound features all add up to a really great experience. The mic, the 40mm drivers, and the 7.1 Surround Sound.

I would highly recommend the leather ear pads, as the foam ones are just not as great at blocking out background noise as the leather ones. It also matters that the headset has a few pre-set equalizers that you should take into consideration when using them, this again is thanks to the Command Centre.

Astro A40


If you are splurging on a pair of premium headsets, then this is the one. The only drawback is its messy wiring that is a mandatory setup, but other than that, it works flawlessly across the board.

There is really no better feeling in the world than getting a full audio experience in a game that requires you to heary ever sound and whisper. The Astro A40s does just that, it is truly remarkable.

The Astro A40 and MixAmp is available for R3999. You can purchase the A40 headset as a standalone unit for R2199, and the MixAmp by itself for R1999.

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Astro A40 Headset And MixAmp Review
Great SoundCustomizable MixAmp is a great addition
Too many wires
89%Gaming Great
Performance 92%
Value for Money85%
Reader Rating 1 Vote