As we wrap up our time with the Astro headset range, we have one last device that we have to cover for you. The top of the range A50 headset. Compared to the A40s, this is the most expensive in the Astro range as it is wireless. The A50s cannot be customized either. They do however have the same sound output and abilities as the A40s.


Feature Astro A50
 Wired/Wireless Wireless
 Dolby Digital 7.1 Yes
MixAmps Internal (in ear piece)
Support Windows, PS3, PS4, Mac
 Mic Permanent
Wieght 364g
Power Supply Built-in Li Ion up to 10 hours

The A50s comes with a neat stand that keeps the headphones and the transmitter in place. The wires run out the back of it and the headset gets placed neatly over the holder. The transmitter has two optical ports, in and out, a USB port for power, AUX port, and a USB port to charge the headset at the same time. The transmitter is light and does its job in the background without being seen. This is one of the best features of the A50 – no wires.

Astro A40 v A50

On the headset itself, you have your volume slider which rolls at a 360-degree, 3 pre-set sound settings, the power button, and the mic that rotates upwards.

The headset has foam earcups , as well as a foam head rest. On the sides you will find steel shafts that control the height of the headset, these are sturdy and slide up and down with ease. The game/voice control button is situated on the outer earcups and they are controlled with a press of a button.

The entire headset screams expensive material. The outer is layered with a matter-like rubber for a damage resistant feel, and the metal shafts are sturdy. The head support is also extremely flexible which makes for a more versatile fit. The only issue I had with it was that other than the earcups, where the volume button and charger port is, is a complete different material, sort of like a cheap plastic that will get scratched especially with excessive plugging in of the charger.


The A50s are wireless with a promised 10 hour battery life, of which, I got around 7 hours with one full charge. Sure you can get 8 or 9 depending on your setup, and volume of the device. When it comes to a wireless range, the headset works on a 5.8Ghz frequency to eliminate any wireless interference that may occur while playing in a room with a few wireless devices and other headsets.

Astro A40 v A50

Playing on my PS4 with the A50s was a dream, and dare I say better than the A40s. There is no clutter of wires, and the headsets are the most comfortable I have ever used. They are just the right weight and size, and feel great on your head. They also lay flat on your chest when you want to take them off, but not pack them away.

As for the sound, it is fantastic. Just like the A40s, they provided an immersive experience when playing games in full Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and there is really nothing else like it. It also all comes down to the pre-set audio settings that you have selected, and with the Astro Command Centre, you can plug them into you PC and modify them to your liking.

Astro A40 v A50

The A50s are capable of some pretty decent sound output, and even on the loudest volumes, there was no crackling or distortion. It was a flawless sound experience at all times. When it comes to the mic, the embedded microphone does a great job at keeping your voice low thanks to its feedback of you voice into the speakers. This prevents you from shouting as you can actually hear what you are saying. This along with the isolated earcups, makes for a decent multiplayer chat session. There is however, no way to change the volume of your mic without making use of the console features that let you change the mix of the audio as well as the chat volume. There is also no quick mute button, so hold in those sneezes when you feel them coming along.


In the end, the Astro A50 headset tackles any audio situation with ease, there is really no getting away from the fact that this headset is a premium headset that is great for both pro gaming and your average gaming session on the couch. They provide a better listening experience than any home theatre system for a fraction of the price, and they’re wireless too.

Be it in a multiplayer chat, raiding with a few friends, or just shooting things up alone, these are perfect for you. Saying that, this headset does come at a cost and that cost is R4499. Compared to the A40, which is R2300 less than the A50s, I would say that although they are wireless, you can still save a good load of money by putting up with the wires. The A40 and A50s are pretty much on par when it comes to sound quality, which means that wireless comes at a price, and it’s pretty high.

Astro A50 Review
Great Sound (7.1)No wiresFairly Decent Battery life
Performance 90%
Value for Money78%
Reader Rating 5 Votes