Bang and Olufsen has been on the forefront of sound innovation for years, and its latest range, the B&O Play, has something for everyone.


The Beolit 15 is a fairly large and chunky speaker, it packs some power, but that comes at the cost of its weight which is 2.7 Kgs. It has a rubber top and bottom to prevent damage to the speaker when placing it on the floor, and you can easily put a few items on the top which is indented inwards. It has a leather strap which is made of lamb skin for durability.


On the top you will find its buttons, like power, Bluetooth pairing, volume up and down etc. These are easy to press and the device makes a sound when you do so.

Wrapped around the device is an aluminium coating which has holes in it for the speakers. It comes in various colours like a Rose Gold with a bronze casing, and a light blue and beige set.

The device is not water proof, which is a questionable design choice given the portability of the speaker. The Beolit 15 promotes portability, but it’s not as carefree as it should be.


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Down to the sound of the device. Pairing devices to the speaker is very easy. Holding down the Bluetooth button will make it visible, and you then just connect your device to it with ease.

The speaker packs two 35W amplifiers, which are separated for treble and bass, providing ample sound. The sound is actually excellent, no matter what you listen to. I am pretty diverse and jump from some Enya, to Fetty Wap, back to some Gaga. No matter what was on my playlist, it all sounded great on the speaker. Especially the bass, you could nearly feel it in your chest, and from a portable standpoint, this is something.


It says it has a 360-degree sound feature, but I could not help but feel that it still sounded better when listening from the front of it. The back, where the charger port is, had a smaller aluminium grill and less sound output. Still, the speaker delivers excellent sound which is clear, loud and not distorted. All this is supported by a 24-hour battery life which is the best in any speaker I have ever used so far.


When taking into account that the Beolit 15 is a premium speaker from a world-renowned brand, you can understand its asking price of R9 999. It is portable and something that you can consider a piece of furniture, and at the same time a fashion accessory, and piece of art. It is not your average portable speaker as it has set out to be so much more, and it does just that.

B&O Beolit 15 review
Great LookBattery LifePortability
ExpensiveNot dust/water resistant
Value for Money80%
Reader Rating 8 Votes