Platforms: PS4
Reviewed on: PS4
Distributor: Digital
Developer: Santa Monica Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 13 December 2015
Price: R299
PEGI: 18

Fat Princess Adventures is nothing like you have ever played before, and it is nothing like its previous title in the series as this time it has taken a more RPG feel to it than ever before. The game is cute, and has all humour that we love from the series.

Right from the get go you are introduced to the world of Fat Princess and all its comedy as you create a character in the Get Fabulous menu. Everything from your skin colour to your beard is named after something rather humorous like the “parsnip” shade, and “squash” skin colour. It is important to note that your character can be changed at any time by going back to the main menu, and your class, is changed at any time in the game. You will learn to love your character, and everything he or she says is terribly funny, and is made better depending on what personality you choose. There is even an “emo” personality that hates everything and just wants to die.

Fat Princess Adventures

The game is set in the Fat Princess world, where evil creatures have taken over the land all thanks to the Bitter Queen who wants to take over the Blue and Red Kingdom like any evil queen would want to do. Your character that you create can take on any of the classic roles that appeared in the last game. Warrior, Ranger, Worker, or Mage. Each of these classes have their own set of skills, weapons, and armour that you find throughout the game. Think of Fat Princess Adventures as a dungeon crawler where you run around, killing enemies, gathering loot, and moving forward. Combat is simple, and does get repetitive at times, there is really just two buttons to press, but you can handle it, thanks to the rewarding explosions and gore that makes the Fat Princess series so recognizable.

Each class has its own light and heavy attack, and when you hold down the attack button, you will deal more damage in a stronger attack. You can also block, but you never will, as the combat is smooth, there is really no need to. opening chests, defeating elite enemies, and completing side quests that are scattered around the kingdom, will reward you with gear that you can equip. This ranges from weapons, to rings that grant you new abilities, and even chest pieces that improve your resistance to certain types of damage. Certain weapons have certain elements attached to them too like fire, magic, and poison, each of them also deal more damage or less, depending on the enemy you are facing.

Fat Princess Adventures

Exploring the Kingdom is also a joy as its takes you to some rather fantastic locales that bring the plot and characters to life. be it running up a giant melon, or exploring a pirate cove full of merciless scum. Each and every location is finely detailed and polished. The game is also made much better by its 4 player co-op, be it on the couch or online. I played with my brother and we took down a boss in a few minutes thanks to all our great co-op skill. You can see this below in a video.

Dying is not that bad, and it will happen pretty often especially when  you change your class, as each one’s gear you collect is levelled up separately. As you find gear and gold, you level it up by visiting a blacksmith. Levelling up certain gear and weapons will boost its attack and defence. The more you level up a ring with a resistance to poison, the higher the resistance grows. As you find more gear, levelling it up will prove useful later on, even though the gear you have now might be powerful, it all events itself out as you level up.

Fat Princess Adventures

You can switch your class at any time at a checkpoint, and the class you have will be playable until you switch again. If you love a class then try to stick to it, as levelling up everyone one of them at the same time in terms of gear, can be expensive and you will feel underpowered due to this. You should try out each class though as they all play differently and you might like one over the other


In the end what makes Fat Princess Adventures an awesome game is its fun co-op. It is great to play together with a few friends, as it is borderline casual. The game is pretty short, but with the multiple classes, side quests, and gear to collect, you will find yourself jumping online just to play a game with a friend just for the fun of it.

Fat Princess Adventures Review
Presentation 85%
Value for Money76%
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