The Astro A40s are made for every gamer from those who are into the eSports scene or just some regular living room gaming.

It’s a premium headset that comes packed with a Mixamp pro which is basically the powerhouse behind the sound on the device. This Mixamp can also be used as a sound card for your PC and Mac which makes it an ideal addition to any headset and PC actually.

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In the box you will find:

  • the headset,
  • an attachable mic,
  • optic cable,
  • auxiliary cable, and
  • a power cable which is a standard USB cable.

There is also the standard instructions and warranty booklet.


The way I set up the headset was directly through the PS4.

The headset supports 7.1 Dolby surround sound through the Mixamp, but it can also function if plugged directly into a 3.5 mm port on any device. The best way to plug it into a PS4 would be the optical cable which will allow the PS4 to output Dolby sound.

Sure it is quite a hassle to set up and there will be lots of wires all over the place, but once it is going, it will provide better sound output when you game.

Screenshot (280)

As for the mic, the aux cable has a mute button rather than a switch, like most headsets.

Using the Mixamp, you can adjust game and voice volume, and you can even stream voice directly to the Astro Command Centre to record it.

The Astro Command Centre is a PC program where you load pre-set EQ modes, update the headset software, and tweak the Mixamp. Using this program you can customise your equalizer pre-sets, and even fine tune your own pre-sets, and then save them for later.

The mic can be tweaked too, this allowing for a different noise gate on it depending on your background noise.


The Mixamp is perfect for streaming and video recording as it lets you stream all game audio, voice chat and PC audio into your PC for saving it as well as live streaming. The possibilities are endless thanks to the Mixamp, and it extends further as you can also use the Mixamp for other features such as outputting Dolby sound to a home theatre system that lacks an optical port but has an aux port.

Using the Astro A40s on my PC was not as great as the PS4, there was some crackling with the audio output, but I am sure this would be eliminated if using a dedicated optical cable rather than the standard USB to Mixamp setup. Regardless, the Mixamp combined with the headset gives your endless possibilities of setups for any gaming or recording setup.

Astro A40

Another great feature on the Astro A40, is the ability to customise it using the Mod Kits that are sold separately.

I got the Call of Black: Ops III Mod Kit and I have to say I was impressed. The Mod Kit is no simple attachment, the foam for example is leather compared to the standard foam version which has very little noise isolation compared to the leather. The speaker tags, mic, and head support are all customisable, and with the Black Ops III Mod Kit, it looks pretty awesome.


We are loving our time with this cool headset, and will have a full review on the device soon with all its pro and cons.