If there wasn’t a trailer we might not have believed that there is a new Knight Rider project coming out. And on top of that original cast member, David Hasselhoff is starring in it.


What? If you’re surprised and wondering how you could’ve missed this, don’t get FOMO yet as there really isn’t much information out on the project. We don’t even know whether it will be a TV show, an online video clip or movie.

All we know is that the movie is entitled Knight Rider Heroes and David Hasselhoff will be reprising his iconic role as Michael Knight. The trailer is also very vague on detail prompts you to visit an official website and sign up for more information.

The trailer opens with some history on the Foundation for Law and Government:

In 1982 the Foundation for Law and Government initiated a program to fight criminals who were above the law.

In 1986 the Foundation was disbanded due to government pressure.

The Foundation declared criminals in government to lead to its demise.

Conspiracy theories claim the Foundation went underground and the program was reinitiated.

We then get to see Michael Knight in his classic leather jacket and aviator sunglasses as he watches KITT approaching across a desert location. We then also get to see a brand new character (portrayed by Anthony Marcus) who Knight asks “are you sure you’re ready for this?“.  Marcus’s character replies “more than ever“.


Knight Rider