The latest range of LG monitors gives your more room to work with by utilising an UltraWide screen that bumps the resolution up to 2560×1080 at a 21:9 aspect ratio.


We got to play around with the LG 25UM57 UltraWide Monitor. We used it to watch movies, worked, and played games on the 25UM57, and these were our thoughts:


Technically the monitor is 29-inches diagonally in size and is powered by LED backlit display.

The LCD uses IPS (in-panel switching) technology which gives the monitor a wider viewing angle from the sides. The display has a matte screen which eliminates any glare that could appear due to bright surrounding too.

On the backside of it you will find 2xHDMI ports, and a headphone/audio jack.

It is pretty standard and has no DVI or Display Port so this would not be ideal for those who have older graphics cards.

When looking at the stand, it is small, and fits almost anywhere. The screen tilts back at a 30-degree angle making it ideal for taller seating setups and taller people in general.

Instead of buttons, the monitor makes use of LG’s iconic on-device nub. Using it to navigate through the menus is easier than trying to figure out which button does what. There is also an LED light that shows you the state of the monitor, flashing for standby and lit for powered-on.

In terms of design the monitor is pretty basic. The stand clips in nicely and the screen tilts easily. There is really nothing spectacular about it, but that is not an issue as it does what it needs to do without any issues.




When it comes to the monitor’s functionality, it is full of surprises. For gaming it has a ton of pre-set settings that help reduce lag input when playing intense games like shooters. The monitor also has a high black stabiliser which automatically adjusts the screen to the game’s view, making any in-game scene perfect for your viewing pleasure.

Games look gorgeous on the monitor. I played Borderlands 2 which took full advantage of the 2560×1080 resolution and ran at a solid 60fps with the GTX 970. Some games however are upscaled like StarCraft II which ran at a native 1920×1080.


When it came to work, making use of Windows 10’s snap window feature lets you open 4 tabs at the same time with each of them snapped to each corner of the screen.

The monitor is a dream to work on and it allows you open two full web browser pages at the same time whereas normally the windows would be cut off somewhere along the line.

Screenshot (285)

Watching TV wasn’t as fun.

It’s hard to find video content that makes use of the display’s widescreen, and most of the time you are subjected to black borders on the sides of the video you are watching. This goes for streaming too as YouTube videos are also restricted to black borders.

If you are looking for a monitor for entertainment purposes, then this would not be your choice, this is a gaming and work monitor to its core.

In terms of productivity, the extra width in the monitor really helps improve the way you approach something. You can work on one window, while having another window open at the same time in a full view mode. It’s a blessing in disguise and you will automatically make use of it and love it at first sight.

Some other features that are worth noting is that it is extremely energy safe. The device uses very little power and powers almost completely off when on standby. It has no flicker which makes it easy on the eyes and reduces eye strain.

Borderlands2 2015-12-07 11-54-17-02


After spending some time with the monitor it changed the way I worked on a daily basis. I found myself switching tabs less, and my eyes felt better, and so did my desktop.

The only downside I found was that one of its killer features, the 4-Screen Split which allows you to have basically 4 monitors open on one screen, is not compatible on Windows 10. This is just not ideal given windows 10’s availability in the market, and I would have loved to try this out.

The LG 25UM57 is a pretty great monitor. It has everything you need and more when it comes to display, and its lack of ports is a a clever way to try to move people over to later hardware in terms of graphics cards and display ports.

It’s great for gaming and work, but not the best monitor for entertainment.

The LG 25UM57 UltraWide Monitor is available now and retails for R2999.90


LG 25UM57 UltraWide Monitor Review
Great for GamingGreat for WorkEasy to Adjust Settings and Design
No 4 Split-Screen Support for Windows 10Lack of Ports
Value for Money85%
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